Psychology Club hosts presentation from Step By Step, Inc.

Anna Culver, Staff Writer

The Psychology Club hosted a presentation by Step By Step, Inc. on Oct. 29.

Step By Step, Inc. is a company that provides community support services to children and adults with disabilities throughout Pennslyvania. The company employs approximately 780 full and part-time staff in the Northeast region of Pennslyvania.

They currently have a regional office based out of Wilkes-Barre that works to provide services to those with intellectual disabilities, behavioral health, disorders and more. Step By Step has been helping individuals since 1977.

Meg Lukaszewski, vice president of the Northeast region expressed its mission to students who attended the presentation.

“Step By Step strongly and passionately believes in each individual’s ability to succeed in life through personal empowerment and dignity and respect. I have to say that that is something that we all live and breathe. We all truly believe in that,” said Lukaszewski.

Members of the Psychology Club and other students learned about the opportunities that the company has to offer to their local community including the types of services they offer.

According to the company’s website, they offer behavioral health rehabilitation for children and adolescents, a specialized Autism support program, adult behavior support, community homes and residential rehabilitation, supported independent living, adult training facility, job coaching, pre-employment transition services and more.

The company’s represenatives who attended the event elaborated on potential opportunities for Wilkes University students to become apart of their team. They told students that they are actively looking for students interested in current or future employment.

Representatives also discussed how they help individuals within the community with daily life assistance, developing learning skills and even finding work by sharing personal stories with students.

“It was very inspiring, to be honest,” said Allision Gardner, sophomore psychology major. “It was nice to hear all the inspiring stories they had to say and how much passion they had about working there. It makes me want to go and work there.”

Representatives explained to students the purpose of each of their different programs as well as how their employees work to help their clients. Students were exposed to the types of future professions in the range of programs that are available.

“Generally, I think the more we can expose students to opportunities in the community for both internships and possible job opportunities, the better,” said Dr. Deborah Tindell, professor of psychology.

“I found the Step By Step representatives to be approachable, passionate and knowledgeable. It is very clear that they truly care about the consumers of their services,” she added.

Other students expressed interest even if working for the company did not align with their lifelong passions.

“I am definitely interested in working there for a summer job,” said Gretchen Fullmer, sophomore psychology and criminology double major. “Even if it is not the path that my forever job is.”

The company’s representatives explained to the attending students how their program helps individuals give back to the community in many different ways.

Marbee Sulitka, Step By Step’s vocational/ATF services program director, explained that one of the services they offer includes helping individuals find jobs.

The program sets individuals up with jobs in areas that interest them and fit their various needs. They offer students in high school the sam opportunities by giving them a chance to shadow different jobs and careers that they want to look into professionally once they graduate.

Step By Step, Inc. is looking for individuals who are interested in possible internships, student employment, and career positions after graduation.

Students interested in this opportunity or those want to learn more about the company can contact Dr. Deborah Tindell at [email protected] for more information.