Student Government updates Casino Week events, prizes

Sean Schmoyer, Asst. News Editor

This year’s Casino Week is seeing some changes, as Student Government and the Casino Week Committee have taken a look at student feedback from previous years to bring students an improved week of activities.

The Casino Week schedule this year consists of a Casino Royale movie showing yesterday at 7 p.m. in the Sub Lounge. Tonight at 6 p.m. Student Government will hold a Texas Hold ‘em tournament in the Ballroom. Also in the Ballroom tomorrow at 8 p.m. is Bingo.

Finally, Casino Week closes with Casino Night on Friday at 7 p.m. in the Ballroom. Students who show up in formal dress attire on Friday will receive 25 tickets.

Outside of dressing nice, students have other opportunities to gain tickets on Friday and an extra bingo card on Wednesday.

In partnership with Lambda Kappa Sigma, Student Government will be trading extra tickets on Friday night and an extra bingo card to students who bring donations for the chemotherapy care package drive.

The drive is seeking donations of pens, pencils or colored pencils, adult coloring books, puzzle and word search books, mini-notebooks, travel tissues, hand sanitizer, fuzzy socks, mints, hard candy and other donation items which students can find the list of at in Wilkes Today or on the posters around campus.

All donations go to the Medical Oncology Associates, which is a “clinical team of experienced and caring physicians and nurse practitioners. Medical Oncology Associates of Wyoming Valley, P.C. has been providing medical oncology and hematology care and services to residents of Northeastern Pennsylvania since 1977.”

Medical Oncology Associates diagnose and treats patients with malignant diseases and blood disorders. The partnership with Lambda Kappa Sigma and Student Government is one of the many changes to Casino Week this year.

“The partnership with Lambda Kappa Sigma was made to support a great cause. Traditionally, we used to do the can donations for the food pantry, but in recent months there have been many donation campaigns in residence halls and from other clubs on campus,” Kevin Long, Executive Treasurer for Student Government, continued, “So the committee looked to see what other donation campaigns were going on that we could help out with our event and decided to support the cancer treatment package campaign for this semester’s Casino Week.”

Other changes to this year’s Casino Week include the Monday movie showing of Casino Royale. The movie showing is a new idea that Student Government has not done before. In addition to that, this year’s Casino Week also includes a theme.

Instead of just the traditional casino atmosphere, the theme this year is James Bond Casino Royale, to give it a formal/secret agent feel to the event. The theme is using a red, silver and black color scheme, and some of the prize bundles are named after Bond movies.

The final major change is the prize list, which was made from scratch using student feedback for ideas of both what they wanted to see and have been asking for the last few years.

“This year’s Casino Week is entirely based on student feedback. The Casino Week Committee and I reviewed feedback from the past couple of years and applied it wherever we could to improve the week and bring the student opinion back into the planning of Casino Week,” Long explained.

“The committee and I hope all students come out and have a great time at Casino Week. We have put a lot of work into using student feedback to make this traditional event even better and to revamp it with the new additions we have added. After the event, we will be sending out a survey to see if the changes were liked or not and of course to see how we can further improve the event in the spring semester.”