Student Government notes: Feb. 6 weekly meeting

Student Government held their weekly meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 6, and it started with the continuation of the club requests from last week and news about upcoming events.

The American Pharmacist Association (APhA), had its second week of discussions. APhA is looking for funds for five students to go to the 2019 Annual Meeting & Exposition. Originally, they wanted $3,423 for the trip, but Student Government approved a motion allocating only $2,068 with 30 members approving, two opposing, and zero abstaining.

Phi Beta Lambda also made another reappearance to follow up on their request for funds for 15 students to go to the 2019 State Leadership Conference from Mar. 22 to the 24. They received their total requested amount for the trip of $1,650 with the motion passing with all 37 Student Government members giving their approval.   

Chemistry Club came back as well to continue the discussion about obtaining $2,860.20, in order to attend the American Chemical Society National Meeting. At the event, they will be accepting two awards, the Commendable Student Chapter Award, and the Green Chapter Award. Chemistry Club received their total requested amount with the motion passing with 26 in favor, 11 opposing, and zero abstaining.

Additionally, the Wilkes Theatre Department came back to discuss attending the Southeastern Theatre Conference this spring. Student Government allocated a motion to give them $2,250, which was $250 more than the original amount, and it passed with 31 approving, four opposing, and zero abstaining.

Finally, the Youths for Human Rights club were looking for recognition to form their club on campus. However, after much debate and a revote, the motion failed for them to receive recognition. Student Government members thought they were quite similar to the UNICEF club and were not sure of how well the Youths for Human Rights would do if recognized.

Moving on from second-week discussions, Adventures in Science, is being held on Apr. 26 at Wilkes University where they are inviting fifth-grade students from local schools. This year’s theme is, “Science is SnOW Cool!” Adventures in Science is requesting a total amount of $2,500 to cover some of their expenses for the event.

Student Government had a vote for their nominations for the Student Government Member of the Month and the Club of the Month. Brooke Mazzotta was the Member of the Month, while the Asian Cultural Society was the Club of the Month.

MSC discussed an upcoming trip to an Off-Broadway play on Feb. 16. They also have events planned for Black History Month.