Student Government notes: Jan. 16 weekly meeting

Sean Schmoyer, Asst. News Editor

While the Beacon was off for the holidays and break, Student Government held their last three meetings of the fall semester. The events of those meetings will be detailed later, but some major changes to Student Government were made while the Beacon was off. Student Government made revisions to their constitution, these revisions included: Adding WUPB and MSC to the Executive Board, removing the time restriction on approving sabbaticals, allowing each Executive Board member two excused absences, changing language in the constitution to be more inclusive, and finally making it a requirement for clubs to submit a club report once a year to receive funding. Failure on a club’s part to submit a club report over two years will result in that club losing SG recognition.

Student Government came together for their weekly meeting this past week. The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association submitted a fund request for their mid-year conference in Gettysburg. The request was for $2199.50 to cover the registration and hotel fees for the trip.

The Asian Cultural Society also made a fund request for $500 to provide money for their Lunar New Year Festival  that will be held on February 1. The event will be open to the public. Both of these fund requests will be voted on next week.

Other news addressed during the meeting was that the campus is currently looking for RAs, that Commuter Council will be hosting giveaways throughout the semester, and that there will be both a dodgeball tournament on January 28 and a Leadership Conference on February 3.

While the Beacon was on break, Student Government held three meetings. At those meeting fund requests and club reports were voted on and listened to. Young Americans for Liberty were recognized as a club with 26 votes in favor, 6 opposed, and 1 abstaining.

A Capital Projects motion to allocate $5389.90 towards improving the Commuter Lounge was passed with 33 in favor 0 opposed and 2 abstaining.

The Wilkes Iai Club received SG recognition with 34 votes in favor and 1 vote opposed.

The art club made a fund request for $687.12 for their trip to the Museum of Modern Art and the Met on January 21. The motion was approved with 33 votes in favor and 0 opposed.