Annual Health, Wellness Fair will emphasize student well-being

The Wilkes campus will have the chance to learn about all things health inside and out at the annual Health and Wellness Fair on April 3.

Sponsored by BACCHUS, a student-run club dedicated to campus wellbing, the event offers a wide variety of educational talks, screenings and services about all aspects of health for the mind and body.

BACCHUS Vice President Ashley Weber said the goal of the event is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and awareness of medical issues.

“I think that this event is important to students and staff because it provides education and resources that many people may not seek out,” Weber said. “Last year alone there were several findings that warranted further evaluation.”

Screenings offered include those for bone density, thyroid issues, blood pressure and blood sugar.

Dr. Julie Olenak of the Nesbitt School of Pharmacy will oversee the blood sugar screenings, working with the Nesbitt school’s chapter of Operation Diabetes. Olenak said the screenings will provide immediate results after participants fill out a risk assessment from the American Diabetes Association.

“We then provide individualized counseling to the participant and notify their primary care provider, when necessary,” she said.

Other services offered include sun damage tests for the skin, chiropractic adjustments, massages and STI screenings.

Along with services for the body come those for the mind. Yoga classes and stress management information will also be available.

Information on holistic medicine will be offered as well.

BACCHUS club member Romeo Rosario said the Health and Wellness Fair is a very important event to have on campus.

“This event gives both students and staff the opportunity to not only become educated on health benefits but also to become educated on ways to increase their overall wellness and well-being,” he said.

Also featured at the fair will be informational talks on all things related to health and well-being. 65 tables will be set up, each for a different representative of a health organization or service.

The Liquor Control Board, Aids Council, sports medicine professionals and a registered dietician are just a few of those offering information to attendees. The Victims Resource Center which aids victims of crime will also be present.

“I think all the attendees could benefit from all the screenings and demonstrations,” said Gail Holby, coordinator of Health and Wellness Services. “Everyone has different concerns.”

Some features of the fair will deal with lifestyle choices for college students. The Pennsylvania Treasury Department will be present to discuss savings programs for college students. The Alcohol and Drug Council will also be available to provide information.

“We want to do this in a setting that is comfortable for everyone. We also want people to feel better about their health,” Rosario said.

Campus clubs will also take part in the event, including BACCHUS which not only helps to organize the event but will have its own educational table.

“We encourage our student body to become more understanding of their bodies and […] to educate themselves of some of the health concerns that we sometimes tend to forget about,” said Rosario.

The Health and Wellness Fair will be held in the ballroom of the Henry Student Center from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information, contact Health and Wellness Services at (570) 408-4730.