Wilkes University Student Government notes

Staff Report

On Wednesday, Wilkes University’s Student Government held its weekly meeting.

The Pre-Pharmacy Club reported that there are 40 to 50 active members. The club is selling T-shirts and coffee mugs, and it will be taking part in the Big Event this year.

The Chemistry Club then presented its report. The club participates in WEBS, adventures in science, passport to science, Pre-Med Day. The members also show chemistry experiments to elementary school children. The club did a Chipotle and Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser and plans to hold a paint and cider night next Thursday. It currently has 30 total members.

The Education Club reported that it will be holding its fundraisers in the SUB. The fundraisers include Krispy Kreme, shirt sales, bake sales and tumbler sales. The club is also holding a Chipotle fundraiser on March 14.

The PBL presented week 2 of 2 for a conference fund request. The request was originally for $1,500 for 15 people to attend the Harrisburg competition that the club competes in every year; however, three of the students might not be able to attend, thus making the amount needed to cover registration costs $1,200.

The club contended that the conference helps publicize Wilkes University’s name.

There was a motion to allocate $1,500 with the stipulation that any unused money comes back to Student Government. The motion passed 30-0-3.

The Chemistry Club then presented week 1 of 2 for a fund request. The club requested $2,500 to go toward the annual ACS trip in San Francisco. Five students will be attending and two students will be presenting research, and the club will be receiving an award for Outstanding Chemistry Club at the conference.

The Education Club came in for week 1 of 2 for a fund request for a PSEA conference in Pittsburgh from March 30 to April 1. The group is requesting $1,400 for registration and gas.

The Finance Club Recognition then presented for week 1 of 2 for a fund request. The club is currently split between the investment club and personal finance clubs. The investment club is based off of a $25,000 donation from an alumni that they have invested in a brokerage account, and is now worth about $50,000 over 10 years. The investment club is requesting a personal finance aspect to be funded by Student Government to allow for more involvement in the community.

Casino Week presented week 2 of 2 for a fund request. A motion was made to allocate $11,000 for Casino Week. The motion passed 32-0-1.

Paige was named Student Government member of the month, and Geo-Explore was named club of the month.

Upcoming events include: WUPB Bingo on March 23, Petitions out for new Student Government members on March 1, WUPB Club Hours Giveaway on March 2, Petitions due on March 15, Ballots out on March 16, WUPB Spring Concert on March 19, Ballots closed March 22 and Installment of new members on March 23.

Committees then came in to make comments. Ellen spoke on behalf of the library to update Student Government about strategic plans for library renovations.

Austin presented on behalf of SLAM. The interfaith coordinator came in and said she was bringing in speakers and hopes to start a student ministry at St. Nicks.

Allie Grudeski presented that the operations committee discussed the Karembelas Center.

The treasurer’s report is as follows: All College: $15,267.82, General Funds: $8,545.03, Conference: $237.74 and Spirit: $699.40 for a SG total of $24,749.99.