Wilkes University Student Government notes

Staff report

On Wednesday, Wilkes University’s Student Government held its weekly meeting.

Kristin Osipower the campus Interfaith Coordinator gave a guest report. Osipower recently joined Wilkes to fulfill the position. Her goal is to help students on their spiritual journey and assist in any way. She hopes to create an interfaith council which will feature student leaders of various religious and cultural backgrounds to better gauge what Wilkes students need. Osipower is also running the campus food bank and hopes to spread the word on its availability to students.

The Psychology Club presented week 1 of 2 for a fund request. The group hopes to attend the Eastern Psychological Association conference in Boston in March. The conference has networking events and workshops for students. The group is looking for funds of $1,296.50 for parking, hotel, registration. The board will vote next week.

SAAC presented week 2 of 2 for their non-club fund request for the Wilkes vs. Kings basketball games. The spirit committee is also participating by donating pom poms and mini foam fingers for the blackout event. The group requested $1,320. The motion was passed 26-0-4.

The Vagina Monologues presented for its non-club fund request. The Vagina Monologues is a performance where funds raised go to community programs to help victims of violence and women’s sexual health. This year, funds will be donated to the Victim’s Resource Center and the Domestic Violence Service Center. Last year approximately 200 people attended the event and it is expected for a bigger turnout this year with a cast of 22 performers. The fund request is for $1,000 for the cost of 200 student tickets. The board will vote next week.

Adventures in Science also came in for a non-club fund request. This years event will take place on April 28 and over 200 Wilkes students are expected to participate. Berwick will be the visiting school with fifth grade students. 248 students are anticipated to attend. The group is requesting $2,800 for the cost of drawstring bags and shirts. The board will vote next week.

Block Party was presented in its week 2 of 2. With changes made to the budget and the involvement of other campus clubs, the request on the table was for $14, 820. The board voted and the motion was passed to allocate the full amount, 30-0-1.

Spring Fling was also presented at the meeting for its week 1 of 2. The dance is to take place on March 24 from 6-11 at the Woodlands. The theme is related to the beach and sea with palm trees, seashells and sand as main decor. The total fund request is $19,811. The board will vote next week.

The final item on the agenda was a Capital Projects fund request. Student representatives are looking to purchases exercise equipment for the Marts gym including a triple rack, two benches, Try bumpers and new bars and attachments. The requested amount is for $30,223. The board will vote week.

The treasurer’s report is as follows: All College: $49,898.82, General Funds: $17,423.03, Conference: $5,000 and Spirit: $2,000 for a SG total of  $74,321.85.