“Travel Ban” Protest in Public Square

Toni Pennello, Asst. News Editor

Individuals of all kinds gathered in Public Square on Saturday to protest President Trump’s executive order, signed on Jan. 27, which indefinitely suspends the entry of Syrian refugees, other refugees for 120 days, and entry from a list of 7 countries for 90 days;  Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Visa holders from these countries are also denied entry, according to the executive order.

On Friday, Judge James Robart placed a temporary restraining order on the ban, effective nationally.

The event included a welcome address from Christine Somers of Misericordia University and readings by Sean Ferry, Leanne Mazurick, David Pasquini and Terri Nowak. Guest speakers included Dr. Ibraheem Almecky M.D. of the Northeast Pa. Islamic Association, Rod Gredas, former executive director of the Peach and Justice Center, Sister Barbara Craig RSM and Sister Constance Kozel RSM of Sisters of Mercy, Rabbi Roger Lerner of Temple B’nai B’rith and Rev. Dr. Paul Amara of Plains United Methodist Church.

Photos by Toni Pennello.