Wilkes University Student Government notes

On Wednesday evening, Wilkes University Student Government held its weekly meeting.

To begin the meeting, the Wilkes University Ultimate Players Association presented their Constitution Revisions for week two of two.

The main revisions included a breakdown of the executive board responsibilities and the addition of Article 6. The new article explains the process of removing an officer. A motion was put forth to approve the revisions. The board voted and approved the motion.

The No Shave November event came in to present their updates for week two of two. The event will now begin Nov. 7. The Student Government will be voting on the winners at the end of the month. After voting, the group decided that the winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

A motion was made to allocate $415 to the No Shave November event. The board voted and approved the No Shave November Event.

The Spirit Committee presented their updates to the Student Government for week two of two. They will be sponsoring the Mayor’s Cup football game. The committee presented various options for the giveaways.

A motion was made to allocate $1,886.25 for each person to receive a T-shirt and if they sign the It’s On Us Campaign ribbon they will have the option of receiving a headband or beanie. The board voted and approved the motion.

Student Government discussed the possibility of holding a lock-in after Casino Night. The board voted to revisit the issue later in the semester or in the spring semester.

Student Government also discussed participating in the Wilkes-Barre Christmas Parade on Nov. 19.

The Academic Standards committee met and discussed raising the GPA required to achieve Dean’s List. They also spoke about the possibility of changing the graduation walking requirements to allow students to walk with their class if only a few classes are needed for them to graduate.

The Academic Planning committee met and eliminated three areas of focus at Wilkes. These include the gaming track in computer science, the master’s degree of coaching and the classroom technology focus.

Operations met and discussed President Leahy and his family moving onto campus. They also informed Student Government that the construction for the new Media Center is underway.

Lastly, within the resident halls the water coolers will be changing.

Operations committee also reminded students of the upcoming events including Passport to Science on Nov. 5 and the John Wilkes Society Brunch on Nov. 20.

The MSC will be holding a food drive throughout the month of November and students are asked to donate. On Nov. 9 they will be co-hosting a coffee hour with all of their sister clubs.

Commuter Council reported they are completely sold out their New York City bus trip tickets. They will be accepting names for a wait list.

Programming board reminded students Wing Wars and the wing eating contest will be held next week in the SUB ballroom.

The Treasurer’s Report stands as follows: All College: $2,167.47; General Funds: $1,380.92; Conference: $2,853.36; and Spirit: $2,000 for a SG total of $8,059.74.