Wilkes University Student Government notes

Meghan Burns, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Wilkes University’s Student Government held its weekly meeting.

To begin the meeting, the Student Government inducted its new members. The new members included nine freshmen, three sophomores, one junior and three seniors.

Zebra Communications, the student-run public relations agency on campus, came in for week two of two.

Last week, the club requested $1,300 to attend a national conference for the Public Relations Student Society of America in Indianapolis. The club presented its updates about two fundraisers they plan to hold in order to help with the costs.

A motion was put forth to approve the request for funds to Zebra Communications with the stipulation that whatever money is not used must be returned to Student Government.The motion was voted on and approved by the board.

The Wilkes University Dance Team came in to present its club report.

The dance team performs at men’s basketball games, pep rallies and homecoming. The members reported that this year they hope to perform at the wrestling matches. Their fundraisers last year included a clothing sale and a Scentsy sale. For their community service, they hope to participate in various walks among the community and also participate in the Big Event.

The Wilkes University History Club came in for week two of two to present for its club reinstatement.

Students gave a brief overview of their presentation with their plans for the future of the club. They updated student government about the great interest that was generated. The student government put a motion forward to approve the reinstatement, and the motion was passed.

The AMCP joined the student government to present their non-club fund request for week two of two.

The AMCP is requesting $235 to attend the AMCP Nexus Conference. The money would benefit three students who are hoping to attend the conference. A motion was put forth to approve the request with the stipulation that if anyone cannot attend, the money will be returned to student government.

The Society of Automotive Engineers presented its fund request for week one of two.

The SAE is requesting funds to attend the national Baja Competition in Illinois. The competition allows the students involved to build a car from scratch and pass various tests. The competition is being held from June 7 to 10. The SAE is requesting $1,250 for registration fees. They will return next week with updates.

Student government then discussed upcoming events and old business.

TREC presented updates. They discussed the awards system and how it aligns with the President’s awards. TREC also discussed the possibility of updating the SRS forms.

SLAM also presented updates. They discussed the Title IX changes and how they are implementing them on campus.

The transition of over 40 bathrooms to all-gender bathrooms was a big change that the University has made. In addition, SLAM is working on the housing and sports changes in order to include everyone. They are considering putting into place a new system of “roll call” in a classroom setting as well.

The Alumni Board of Directors met and student government presented updates.

President Leahy joined the Alumni Board for their meeting. In this meeting, he discussed his Gateway to the Future plan. This plan includes six pillars that will be implemented throughout six years. They also discussed the various updates to the facilities.

The Operations Committee discussed their updates as well. They reported that the restrooms will be ready for homecoming. They discussed a campus-wide three-phase project. This will include adding more signage in order to better help the Wilkes community. It will make all signs uniform, add directional signage and add corner signage.

The senior class reported they have scheduled the Downtown Establishment Tour and have set a tentative date of Oct. 2. They also reported selling 41 magnets at family day.

The juniors plan to send out a survey to their class in order to gain fundraising ideas.

The MSC reported its updates. The group had great attendance at their welcome back social and their fiesta events. They also announced their upcoming events.

Dean Allen joined the student government on Wednesday. He encouraged students to get involved on campus and with the election. He announced the University is seeking a campus interfaith coordinator.

The Treasurer’s Report stands as follows: All College: $6,444.48; General Funds: $24,202; Conference: $5,000; and Spirit: $2,000 for a SG total of $37,647.43.