SG Notes: Club reports, engineering, WACA Fund requests; Club recognition; ASME

On Wednesday, Wilkes University’s Student Government held its weekly meeting.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Club delivered their annual club report. IEEE organizes the annual Engineering Olympics where students from local high schools compete for money in a competition. They are also hosting a paper contest later this month. Some fundraisers IEEE has done are selling fleece quarter zips and they are currently selling ceramic mugs. For community service, they plan to participate in the Big Event and they talk to local high school students about the engineering program at Wilkes.

The Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers (PSPE) Club also delivered their club report. For community service, they participate in Math Counts, which is their largest event, and they also participate in Big Event with IEEE. They also will conduct an ethics panel luncheon with a panel of professional engineers.

The Ham Radio Club also delivered its club report. The members had a testing event last month and they will be having one later this month. The club works with the national weather service and participates in the same community service events as IEEE and PSPE.

The Gold Bar Club delivered its report. The club coordinates community service events for students. This year, members hosted the veterans 5K, where they worked with the Wyoming Valley Veterans Council, Toys for Tots, campus clean up in November, and letters for soldiers.

The Wilkes African Culture Association (WACA) came in to talk about the status of their club. The club has been inactive for many years, but there is a movement to bring it back and active on campus. They want to make students familiar with different cultures and give back to the community.

Enactus, a community of student, academic, and business leaders, delivered their club report and had a fund request. This year, they have had mixers, weekly executive and team meetings, as well as fundraising meetings. They also have presentation practices to prepare for a regional competition. The club also helps coordinate the Kirby Lecture and participates in community service projects. The club has made a $600 profit from selling T-shirts this year. Future plans include participating in club day, selling T-shirts, continuing partnerships, and attending the national competition. Enactus is requesting $2,000 from Students Governemnt to attend a national conference in St. Louis from Mary 15th to the 18th. The funds will cover airfare and hotels. The club will vote next week on allocations.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) club made a fund request for the second week. The club requested $1,500 for the car show on Sunday, April 17 The full amount allocated for the ASME car show.

The Human Resources (HR) Club came in for club recognition. They are trying to start the club and would like to be a Student Government recognized club. Their mission is to give students the opportunity to network with faculty and the Wilkes community. They want to create lasting connection that will promote success and service to others. The club wants to get involved in the community and research what promotes employee satisfaction and student satisfaction in order to implement those findings. Students will learn personal and professional skills and is valuable to all majors. Student Government will vote next week about the request.

The Pre-Pharmacy Club discussed additions that were made to the constitution. These include that they are an undergraduate club and they added a chairperson for the pharmacy school senate.

Event Entrepreneurship presented on the “As Colonel We All Fit Together,” event that will occur on April 27 from 8 to 9:30 p.m. The event will have s’mores, t-shirt making, light it up blue sidewalks and buildings, and an autism tree. $1, 950.59 was requested.

The council reviewed the Treasurer’s report. The current budget is as follows: All College: $0.00, General Funds: $9,168.13, Conference: $474.10, Spirit: $1,440 for a Student Government total of $11,082.23.