Racial comments spark protest: University of Missouri, press, activism

Recent events at University of Missouri have sparked important conversation on Wilkes campus.

As racial tensions are still present in society, Wilkes students reflected on how inclusive campus is, and what further improvements Wilkes can make.

“This goes to show that racism is still a major issue in 2015,” said Multicultural Student Coalition President Erica Chambers. “You don’t need to be a minority to know that.”

In the past month, there has been a great deal of controversy at the University of Missouri that arose out of racial comments. Moreover, students found the lack of intervention by the university’s president to be extremely unsettling.

As a result, students protested his position, with one even going as far to proclaim a hunger strike until he stepped down. After this movement combined with the football team refusing to play until action was taken, President Timothy Wolfe resigned.

This issue garnered national attention and was a point of discussion at Wilkes. It raises concern of what is being done on our campus to ensure the inclusiveness of all students.

“I feel that Wilkes having a diversity center along with the different cultural clubs on campus shows that they are an inclusive campus,” Chambers siad. “As the Multicultural Student Coalition president, I will use this platform to bring students together of different backgrounds to learn about different cultures and promote awareness on the issues that still stands in this country today.”

Like anything, there is always room for improvement. This especially true with a topic that so deeply effects a wide variety of students.

“I think Wilkes administration should aid in bringing campus wide awareness on the racial issues in the country,” suggested Chambers. “I believe that if the Wilkes administration takes an active role, the students who are not involved in the diversity clubs on campus will notice and become more involved.”