Positions still available to become an ‘OWL’; Off-Campus Liaison Program

The Office of Student Affairs created a new Community Liaison Program for the 2015-2016 academic year. The students that get chosen for the position will receive a $500 scholarship per semester.

“The Off-Campus Liaison program is a new opportunity for our students that live in the neighborhoods surrounding the Wilkes campus,” said Getchen Yeninas, Associate Dean of Student Affairs.

This program is meant to promote responsible and safe behavior among off-campus students, improve relationships with local residents in the community, and create a channel between off-campus students and the University, according to Wilkes University’s website.

“There is the potential for so many interactions and we want to impress upon our students that those interactions with their neighbors should be positive,” said Yeninas. “Also, just because a student chooses to live off campus doesn’t mean that we as a University aren’t concerned about their safety and wellbeing.”

The liaisons are meant to be a resource for off-campus students. They will have training in bystander intervention, as well as other programs to help students. They will also provide them with necessary contact information.

“I want to stress some of the consequences that can arise from drinking so students can make educated decisions,” said junior Troy Carey, who applied for the liaison position. “I also really want to build a better and more integrated campus community by getting off-campus students involved in on-campus events.”

The liaison positions are open to junior and senior students living in off-campus housing. Applications must be in by Friday, September 25.

For more information or to apply, contact Ms. Gretchen Yeninas at [email protected] or by phone at 570-408-4107.