SG Notes: ASME allocated funds; Leahy; Capital Projects request, new budget

On Wednesday, Student Government held their weekly meeting.

There was one follow up from last week’s meeting. ASME is getting ready to put on their 9 annual car show to raise money for The Wounded Warrior Project. The club has requested a total of $2,100 from Student Government to cover t-shirts for staff members, as well as all participants, food for the staff, entertainment, and the awards. Student Government has motioned to allocate the total request of $2,100 to cover the event.

Next, there was a very special guest in this week’s meeting. President Leahy was welcomed into the meeting and had the opportunity to update the members of Student Government on new and upcoming events and changes that will be made in the near future on campus. He first honored Eddie Elgonitis and discussed the upcoming dedication of the mailroom, it will be renamed “Eddie’s Mailroom” in his honor, Friday April 17 at 11:00 a.m.

Next, President Leahy discussed the various upcoming facility changes that will be made to campus. The school and board have been busy planning in order to make Wilkes’ campus a safer and more welcoming environment. He allowed all the members to ask any questions, or propose any concerns they may have.

As this school year comes to an end, it has become time to look forward to the upcoming school year. At the meeting the future Student Government budget was broken down and presented for all the members. It will be reviewed and discussed again in next week’s meeting.

The next request came from Capital projects, even as the semester is coming to an end they are still busy at work improving campus. They have requested a total of $38,150 from the budget. This money will be put towards adding more bottle filers to the water fountains around campus and a new and exciting renovation and addition to the Student Government office. They have come up with plans to move the Student Government office, as well as create a new Club office for all clubs on campus to have access for supplies and a meeting place. This is a big project, but if passed will be done in time for next school year. Student Government will cast their final vote in next week’s meeting.

Lastly, the Student Government board voted on The Faculty and Staff Choice Awards for this school year. The top five will be voted on and nominated in next week’s meeting.

The council reviewed the Treasurer’s report. The current budget is as follows. All College: $4,812.38; General Funds: $4,275.91; Conference: $925.00; Spirit: $865.00; for a Student Government total: $10,878.29