Students reflect on campus safety, proximity to recent crime

Toni Pennello, Staff Writer

In light of the recent shootings in Wilkes-Barre, Wilkes students are often forced to consider ways they might be affected.

Margaret Galatioto, a freshman pre-med student, voiced concern for the comfort of the Wilkes student body.

“I feel like it puts many people, especially parents, on edge when they hear about it on the news, and that it can definitely sway new students’ opinions on coming to this school,” she said. “Students should feel safe at the school they are attending, so I feel that new safety measures or other solutions need to be made soon.”

A few of these violent shootings, some fatal, have taken place near the Wilkes campus.

Junior biochemistry major, Sarah Hankey is well aware of the dangerous events.

“It is scary to hear about all of these shootings in such a short period of time. I live in a smaller town and you don’t hear much about shootings in my area,” she said. “It seems like in Wilkes-Barre it is becoming more common and it is hard to place blame about why it is happening.”

Both Hankey and Galatioto share the belief that further safety measures must take place in order to end the violence.

“It might help if they had more police on duty. While walking around, I barely see them,” Hankey said.

Casey Krause, a freshman biology major, knew of the shootings but was not aware of their multitude and proximity to the campus. Upon reading a list of the dates and locations of the shootings, however, he did not seem surprised.

“It seems like this is a usual thing to happen around here. I think the school is doing a good job keeping us informed,” he said

Students have been informed of the events via local news and campus chatter.

“I live off campus, so like it’s all over the news,” said Kasey Gandara, a freshman biology major.

“I think that it’s just such a nice area but it’s such a small town… shootings happen everywhere but it’s a big deal here because of how close we all are,” she explained. “It’s just really scary to think that there’s violence and what’s going to happen next.”