Student government elections underway; Moyer finds lack of interest not the issue

As the 2014-2015 school year comes to an end and the plans for fall 2015 begin to commence, it is now time to elect the university’s new Student Government positions.

This year has been a little different for the Student Government here at Wilkes. The Executive Board has had difficulty keeping members of the general board involved and getting enough office hours to remain on the council, as well as getting members to run for higher positions.

The Student Government general board for the upcoming fall semester contains 25 members not including the incoming freshman that could add to the numbers on the general board. The general board is divided up into each class, freshman, sophomore, junior and senior. Then, within these classes, each has their own president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary and also representatives. The new general board was just installed on March 25 in order to prepare for next year.

After the general board has been elected the focus moves to the executive board.

This year the process was started a little early in order to get it all done and arranged around the various breaks in the spring semester. The general board elections were closed March 24tand installed at the following meeting March 25.

That meeting also became the start for week 1 of Student Government President Nominations.

For a student to run or be nominated for president they must have served on student government for one year. The nominees must accept their nominations and then they have a few weeks to get 250 signatures from other students on campus. Once the petitions are turned in, the ballots are then sent out to the student body for voting.

This year Anthony Fanucci is running for Student Government President unopposed. This has raised a few eyebrows, due to the fact that the previous year there were three presidential candidates.

Current Student Government President, senior, Taylor Moyer, discussed the subject and possible lack of interest and stated, “I don’t think there is a lack of interest at all. There is a very small pool of eligible students for the position. Also, many students love the positions that they hold within their class and are looking forward to planning activities with their respective classes for the coming years.”

The Student Government Parliamentarian, Cameron Low, deals with a lot of the election process and also talked on the elections this year.

“I don’t think that this year is any different as far interest is concerned. I know last year was a somewhat anomalous year with three presidential candidates but the year before I know Ian Foley ran unopposed.”

There does not seem to be much concern internally, but in a few weeks the student body will be voting on the Student Government President with only one name on the ballot.