SG Notes: conference funds allocated; Capital Projects; Glow Run week one

On Wednesday Wilkes University’s Student Government held their weekly meeting.

This week’s meeting had a lot of follow up content from last week. First,  The Veteran’s Council made constitutional revisions. Student Government reviewed these revisions and approved all changes made.

Another follow up on last week’s meeting, Enactus, a business club on campus, requested funding for an upcoming National Expo Conference in St. Louis. The club requested a total of $1715 to cover their travel and lodging fees for 11 students. Student Government moved to allocate the full $1715 to Enactus.

The next follow up, the APhA has requested funding for the annual conference that is being held in San Diego, California this year. They have requested $1,695.60 to cover their registration and hotel fees. The motion passed.

The Chemistry Club has requested funding for the American Chemical Society National Meeting conference that is being held in Denver, Colorado later this month, this will include 6 members. The club has requested $1,500 from Student Government to cover the registration and transportation fees. Student Government voted to allocate the Chemistry Club the $1,500.

The last follow up from last week’s meeting, Capital Projects presented part two of their budget for the year. It was decided that Student Government will not be voting on the Neuro-training facility, until more information is given. Next, Capital Projects also presented a second part of their budget for new Big Event supplies, the projected cost is $642.18 for shovels, rakes, gloves and gardening sets. Student Government passed the motion.

Some new business that was presented in the meeting, pertained to the second annual Glow Run in April. This is a 5K held on and around campus in order to promote suicide prevention. There is a $5 registration fee for students, and there is now a website that allows you to register online. Last year they had a turnout of about 300 people. The requestors asked Student Government for $2079 that will go towards supplies, generators, and other items that will be used to put on the event. Student Government will cast their final vote in next week’s meeting.

The council reviewed the Treasurer’s report. The current budget is as follows: All College: $4,724.60; General Funds: $7,552.14; Conference: $1,835.00; Spirit: $1,250.00 for a Student Government total of: $15,361.14