SG Notes: club recognition; Relay for Heat funds; constitutional revisions

On Wednesday Wilkes University’s Student Government held their weekly meeting.

Student Government heard from a new club forming on campus. The Gaming Club has requested to be a Student Government recognized club. SG  approved their request.

Running Club is putting on their annual Relay for Heat event. The club has asked for Student Government to sponsor every Wilkes Student that participates in the event. All of the money raised will be donated towards CEO’s Martin Luther King Fuel Fund to heat family’s homes. Student Government has allocated $5 per student for up to 50 students plus $75 towards the incentive for students and teams to participate, the total coming to up to $325.

New business from this week’s meeting, the Veteran’s Council made constitutional revisions and presented these to the general board. Student Government will cast their final vote in next week’s meeting.

The next request came from the business club, Enactus. This club has asked Student Government to pay for 11 members to attend the 2015 Enactus national Expo in St. Louis this April. The club has asked for a total of around $1,500. This will cover the airfare and hotel accommodations for the 11 students. Student Government will cast their vote next week.

The next request came from AphA, the American Pharmacist Annual Conference. The club has requested funding for the registration fees for the conference as well as the hotel fees. The total asking price coming to $1,695.60.

The Chemistry Club also had a request for  a conferenc. The group is sending 6 members to attend the American Chemical Society National Meeting in Denver, Colorado later this month. The total project cost is $4,800 and the club is requesting $1,500 from Student Government to cover the registration and transportation fees.

The last request came from Capital Projects, part two. They proposed that Student Government fund a new Neurotraining facility for the psychology department on campus. This facility would provide any student interested, new ways to train your brain in order to focus, improve studying, suppress anxiety and excel in sports. This is a large project and would cost about $20,000 for the new office, supplies and equipment.

Next, Capital Projects asked Student Government to provide funding for new Big Event materials, such as shovels, rakes, gloves and gardening sets. All of these supplies come out to $960.00. Student Government will cast their final vote next week for all combined funds of Capital Projects.

The council reviewed the Treasurer’s report. The current budget is as follows: All College: $16,923.60, General Funds: $7,836.20, Conference: $2,155.00, Spirit: $1,250.00 for a Student Government total of: $28,164.80