SG notes: budget; club requests

Nicholas Durdan, Staff Writer

Wilkes University’s Student Government tackled several budget requests as well as a club recognition for its most recent meeting.

In dining news, the “No Tray Tuesday” initiative goes into effect this weekend, where trays will not be in use during weekends and Tuesdays.

Capital projects began its first week of deliberations with many small projects benefiting numerous areas around campus.

A new popcorn machine was suggested for Programming Board at a cost of $112.13, a shed for the Big event which will cost $1,099, a trailer for adventure education for around $3,000, new pool cues for the student union building lounge for $19.95, pool chalk for $6.37, new markers for posters at $359.95, and an additional set of six for $179.95, and unknown costs to fix the felt on the pool tables.

Voting takes place at the next meeting.

The Wilkes Volleyball club went into its second week of deliberations.

It made revisions to its constitution to match Student Government including no gender restrictions and grounds for impeachment.

The voting passed: 35-0-7.

An impromptu vote for an emergency fund to purchase flowers for the family of a recently deceased Wilkes student passed a vote. A $100 budget passed with a vote of 36-0-7.

The Ski and Snowboard club finished its second week of fund requests.

A debate over the importance of the trip for Wilkes University was delivered, but an allocation for $750 went to vote.

The vote passed with a slim majority of: 21-15-6.

The PPD Gold Rush tailgate event was also in its second week of fund requests.

After receiving donations of bagels and with many costs cut, $400 went to a vote, which passed: 25-8-9.

Student Government’s budget is nearly depleted with many costs throughout the semester, the current budget total is: $2,311.57.

Student Government meets at 6 p.m. Every Wednesday inside the Miller Room inside the Henry Student Center.