Mid-term election results; historic

Sara Pisak, Staff Writer

If you were one of the many eligible Americans who voted in this November’s election then you probably watched the results roll in on election night. The voters made their voices heard as the majority of the states turned from blue to red and the Republic party surpassed the Democratic controlled Senate. It seems that every election, not just Presidential elections, are being defined as by a single word: “historic.”

Voters are making historic changes and allowing their voices to be heard on a wide range of issues. The New York Times declares, “Tuesday aside, it was all over back in March.” The article makes a clear statement that in March’s polls, voters were already in the process of creating a Republican controlled Senate. Thus, Tuesday’s actual results should be of no surprise to the American public. In addition to the Republican controlled Senate, voters also made their voice heard in several other historic realms. The two issues gaining a great deal of the press’s attention are the increase in the minimum wage as well as the legalization of marijuana.

Again, The New York Times is quick to mention these results. Voters cast ballots to increase the minimum wage in four states. These four states, Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska and South Dakota all voted to increase their respective minimum wage above the federal norm. Also gaining press attention, voters in three states followed the lead of Colorado in legalizing, taxing and regulating marijuana sales. Alaska, Oregon and Washington, D.C. voted to legalize marijuana, while on the other hand, Florida, a dominant political state voted not to legalize marijuana use.

Other hot button issues also saw voters casting ballots in historic decisions. Making waves on dockets across the country were issue concerning abortion, same sex marriage, voting qualifications, immigration, gambling/casino revenue and gun control.

With all of these new issues at the forefront during elections, it is no wonder the word “historic” accompanies each official election result.