Frein; 48 day manhunt over

Sarah Bedford, News Editor

After 48 days of searching the Pocono mountain region for one of the FBI’s most wanted men, Eric Frein was captured.

31-year-old Frein, who is accused of killing Cpl. Bryon Dickson and seriously injuring Trooper Alex Douglass on Sept. 12, was found in abandoned Birchwood-Pocono Airpark near an airplane hangar.

On Thursday evening, Frein was spotted near the hanger where he was ordered to surrender according to NBC News.

According to Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan, “he looked fairly healthy, healthier than I would have expected.”

“A team was sweeping through the area, surprised him as he was outside of the hanger, gave him commands to surrender, he complied with those commands and was taken into custody,” explained Lt Col. George Bivens, Pennsylvania State Police

Friday morning, charges were formally brought against Frein including murder of the first degree.

Pike County District Attorney Raymond Tonkin has announced he will seek the death penalty.

As part of official’s plans when they would capture Frein, he was arrested in Dickson’s handcuffs and taken away in his patrol vehicle.

Outside the Pike County Courthouse, Frein cooperated with the judge as he was asked questions while a crowd gathered to hackle him, calling him a “coward” according to NBC.

The next court appearance is scheduled for Nov. 12.

Emily Kramer, a Wilkes University junior communication studies and psychology major who resides in Blakeslee felt relief after the suspects capture.

“It’s a relief to know that they have finally caught him. There’s no excuse for the amount of time it took the police department to capture him. But, nonetheless, I am just glad they finally have. I’m sure people have a better peace of mind now because of this.”

Frein left a trail of false leads throughout the manhunt as well as abandoned campsites and his diary which included accounts from the crime.