College Radio Day recap

Justin Topa, Assistant News Editor

Wilkes University, in conjunction with WCLH and WSFX, celebrated National College Radio Day on the greenway this past Friday.

This celebration, which featured cake, games, giveaways and music, was hosted by 90.7 WCLH, the Wilkes University campus radio station. Luzerne County Community College’s campus radio station, 89.1 WSFX, was present to take place in the national event, as well.

The celebration on the greenway was organized by WCLH Programming Director, Rasha Shaker. Kristen Rock, general manager of WCLH, said this event is meant to raise awareness for what it is that college radio does.

“We’re here to raise awareness for college radio,” Rock said. “It’s one of the last live mediums that are out there that allows students and staff to play music that isn’t aired on commercial radio. It’s really the last source for local, independent and underground music.”

Kayla Bucci, a DJ for WCLH, said the event is an important one for gaining recognition and reaching out to students and the community.

“College radio is unlike any other medium,” said Bucci.

“Everyone should be giving it a listen and taking a chance on, not just us, but campus radio stations everywhere. There are a wide variety of programs and one of them is sure to peak your interest. It really is a fun experience on both sides.”