Wilkes’ Annual Professional Development Week

Justin Topa, Assistant News Editor

Wilkes University will hold its ninth annual Professional Development Week between Monday, Oct. 13, and Friday, Oct. 17.

Professional Development Week will consist of a series of workshops including resume building, interviewing, goal setting, graduate programs and several others leading up to an internship fair on Thursday, Oct. 16, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Henry Student Center Ballroom.

Professional Development Week is planned by the Cooperative Education office in conjunction with Student Affairs, Career Services, Student Development, Graduate Studies and Dr. Kathleen Houlihan. Sharon Castano, coordinator of internships and Cooperative Education for Wilkes University, expects 45 local companies to attend the internship fair recruiting Wilkes University students.

“With the 45 companies that usually come, it is important to know that they are only here to meet with Wilkes students,” said Castano. “The only competitors are your peers. This is an opportunity you can only find here.”

The internship fair will provide prospective interns with the opportunity to meet with organizations within their field informally to gain an understanding of what the company is looking for and for companies to gain a familiarity with their prospective interns before a potential formal interview.

“Companies are looking to make introductions and find something to remember you by,” said Castano. “They don’t only get a resume. They have the opportunity to get to know who the students really are.”

Students attending the internship fair are advised to bring about 20 copies of their resume to ensure they have enough to build connections with as many organizations in their field as possible. Castano also advises students to try speaking with a few other companies before engaging with your number one choice so that you can work out what it is you want the company to know about you and get an understanding of the process. She also advises those in attendance to dress and act professionally.

While the internship fair may be geared toward those in their sophomore and junior years, Career Development Week has been designed to incorporate workshops and activities for every student regardless of academic level. For any additional information, students can e-mail Castano, at [email protected] or stop into the Cooperative Education office located on the second floor of the Henry Student Center.