SG Notes: campus enhancements; Bridegroom allotted funds

Nicholas Durdan, Staff Writer

Wilkes University Student Government had an information packed meeting with two voting decisions and a club recognition.


Peter Tuzzo, Wilkes campus master planning committee met for a campus enhancement plan including multiple legacy, capital, and operations projects.


The long term legacy projects include the new gateway and garden on South Main to South Franklin streets.


The midterm capital projects include general improvements to campus buildings most notably the Dorothy Dickson Darte Center with new carpeting.


Additionally the shorter term and less cost effective operations include general landscape renovations and transitioning the residence houses to wireless internet.


The Sports and Events Managing club began its second week for club recognition status while amending its constitution.


The main goal of the club is to coincide with the newly designated Sports and Events Managing major at Wilkes to give members a hands on feel to actually manage sports teams and other events.


The motion to recognize the club passed with a vote of: 39-0-2.


The Bridegroom documentary screening also went into its second week of deliberations.


The venue was confirmed to be on campus at SLC 101 but an off chance of the event taking place inside The Dorothy Dickson Darte Center is a possibility.


Out of the $3,500 budget, Senior member Anthony Bartoli requested $2,000 after going to multiple outlets to fund the event.


The motion to allocate $2,000 with a stipulation for excess to be refunded to Student Government passed with a vote of: 33-3-4.


In its first week of deliberations the newly created Cricket club requested recognition status.


The issue surrounding the club was an assumed lack of interest and the assumption that cricket is a dangerous sport. The final week of discussion is taking place at the next meeting.


Fall Fest also began its first week of discussion for the week of events, and the proposed budget is estimated at $3,000.


The treasures report for Student Government is as follows: all college: $16,245.36, conference: $5,000, spirit: $505.39, general: $11,860, giving Student Government a total of: $33,610.75.


Student Government meets every Wednesday at 6 p.m. In the Miller Room inside the Henry Student Center.