SG Notes: August 27

Nicholas Durdan, Staff Writer

Wilkes University Student Government is back for another school year. The titular SG unit had a productive first meeting, particularly dealing with fund allocations for Homecoming events.

In addition, the dean of IT and the library, John Stachacz stated his annual update for the IT department and the library, as well as how it has progressed.

A color printer is now available in the basement of the library, where one was previously only available on the first floor.

In addition, the IT department has a brand new in-house team of IT specialists to tackle the rigors of internet and computer issues facing Wilkes’ University students. By using an in-house team instead of outsourcing methods, Wilkes is saving a quarter of a million dollars.

The IT help desk also has new times of availability for walk-in issues.

Wilkes is still in the process of converting the entire campus to wireless internet capabilities.

The Wilkes Alumni Association began week one of requesting funds for the Alumni events for Homecoming week. The association requests $500. Wilkes Student Government seemed intrigued at the low fund cost and was contempt with the amount.

The first of two weeks for homecoming fund allocations has begun. Instead of Genetti’s for the homecoming dance venue, The Mohegan Sun was scheduled for September 26th. A bus or shuttle was considered as a possibility for transportation given the trip length.

The proposed budget for the dance, was $13,274. An open bar was also proposed for students over the age of 21 for the first hour of the festivities in order to bring in more revenue. A more expensive dance ticket was proposed for students selecting this option.

The pep rally, scheduled for September 25th was capped at $3,674.

The budget for the homecoming game scheduled for 27 September is proposed at: 5,900.84. The Colonel’s March is scheduled for an hour later than previous years as the homecoming game is also scheduled for an hour later than previous.

The overall homecoming budget is cheaper than years past and Student Government seemed impressed with this budget.

The constitutional committee met after the Student Government meeting to revise the constitutions of the mega-council.

The budget for Student Government is as follows: all college: $46,000, Conference: $5,000, Spirit: $2,000, General: $12,500, giving Student Government a total budget of: $65,500.

Student Government meets every Wednesday, at 6 p.m. in the Miller Room, 2nd floor of the Henry Student Center.