Recap: ‘Club Day’ 2014 takes on new look


Sarah Bedford, News Editor

On Thursday, September 4th, ‘Club Day’ was held by Wilkes University Student Government and Student Development. This year, there were 85 tables showcasing various clubs and professional organizations available to students.
“I thought it went really well and I think that students were able to explore all of the clubs we have on campus,” Taylor Moyer, Student Government President said.
As students visited different tables, President Patrick Leahy, Vice President Paul Adams, and Provost Dr. Anne Skleder also showed support for the event.
Amongst the variety of groups students can join, the university also revealed food service, Sodexo’s new menu.
This year, club day took on a different appearance than years past, grouping organizations together by particular interest such as academics, athletics, etc.
“I think it’s a very impressive showing on how our clubs and organizations present themselves for anyone looking to get involved,” Melissa Howells, Student Development and Mentoring Coordinator commented on the event.