Dorm connection is first priority for IT Department

Amanda Fulk, Correspondent

Wilkes University recently held their open forum on April 8, to discuss current and upcoming changes to the technology throughout campus.

The forum is held often to keep the Wilkes community informed about the IT Department’s latest renovations.

“We are trying to get everyone caught up.” John Stachacz, dean of the library and director of information technology.

Recently, the campus had announced that Wilkes had purchased the old Bartikowsky’s Jewelers building on South Main St., which would be housing administrative offices in that building temporarily.

With that move, students from the Sidhu School of Business would relocate their classrooms into the UCOM building.

UCOM would feature more wireless devices as well as a trading room for the business students.

Along with the move of administrative buildings, there will also be new additions for student living that necessarily will not be placed on campus.

Dorms are the first priority, and administrative will come second, which was not a favorable decision for some.

Along with these major renovations some faculty and staff expressed concern for the Dorothy Dickson Darte Center along with Stark Learning Center.

The IT Department would be looking to replace and update software campuswide before next fall.

Stachacz mentioned that IT would be “ready to walk” on its own into the next phase of technology on campus.

One of the primary topics of future technology on campus did point in a wireless direction. All buildings that are currently or will be under renovation will include newer and better technology including a wireless connection.

For more information email John Stachacz at [email protected]