Wilkes hosts Community Health Fair

Alec Wizar, Correspondent

Wilkes University recently sponsored a health fair on campus in order to provide information on various medical issues

The Community Health Fair took place on Saturday, April 5 at the Henry Student Center on the Wilkes University Campus from 11 a.m to 2 p.m.

The event was originally scheduled to take place on February 15, but it was cancelled because of weather conditions. 

Several Wilkes University programs, such as the Departments of Biology, Pharmacy, Nursing, Psychology, Spanish and Zebra Communications, the student-run PR agency have come together to make this event possible.

Other community participants include volunteers from the medical field whose representatives will talk about dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

The Community Health Fair will provide programs and information for individuals of all ages.  This includes programs for adults, teens, and younger children. 

“The Community Health Fair is a great event that allows college students to become more informed about things that they otherwise may not think about,” sophomore Stacey Horger. 

The adult programs include booths with information on cancer awareness, smoking cessation, diabetes and cardiac problems.

The teen programs include information about the negative effects of substance abuse, drinking and driving and sexually transmitted diseases.

The younger children in attendance will have an option to participate in programs about fire safety, nutrition, exercise and more. 

Geisinger Blood Center will be hosting a blood drive for those who are willing to donate blood.

“This was my first time giving blood, and it felt great to be able to give back knowing that I can make a difference,” sophomore Olivia Hess said. 

No registration is required for this health fair, and those who give blood will have their iron, cholesterol, and hemoglobin levels checked for free.