SG Notes: Leahy discusses campus planning

Nick Durdan, Staff Writer

This week, Wilkes University Student Government dealt with two fund requests, staff and faculty nominations and nominations for next year’s Student Government president.

First, Student Government recieved an impromptu visit by Wilkes University’s president, Patrick Leahy, to discuss new renovations to be done around campus.

The plans in the future are to help consolidate the engineering, communications, and the business majors, each in their own building.

Leahy noted “The next five or six years will be used for renovation.”

The APhA, in its second week of fund requests had received a $500 donation to assist their funding.

It still requested the $1,650 needed for registration fees for its upcoming conference.

The motion passed with a vote of 28-0-3.

The Big Event finalized its budget for the evenings vote, requesting a total of $3,800; a number formally unknown because bus costs were still in question.

Additionally, whatever money is left over from The Big Event is to be allocated back to Student Government.

The vote also passed with 29-0-3.

Student Government made the final voting @wilkesbeacon [email protected] for the ballots for Most Outstanding Faculty and staff members.

The list had over a dozen nominees, but now five from faculty and five from staff will go to the students to be voted on.

The nominees for faculty include: Andrew Miller, Mischelle Anthony, Jeffery Stratford, Jennifer Edmonds and Helen Davis.

The nominees for staff include: Kayla Cauthon, Erica Acosta, Jill Price, facilities Mark and Shawn and Sandy Anthony.

Student Government also made its preliminary ballots for president for the 2014-15 school year.

Multiple nominees declined but the current ballot includes Taylor Moyer and Christian Victoria.

The budget for Student Government is as follows all college: $2,663.39, general: $983.16, conference: $1,711.96, spirit: $630, giving Student Government a total of: $5,988.51.

Student Government meets every Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Miller Room at the Henry Student Center.