Every college students worry addressed resumes

Amanda Stickles, Staff Writer

Being successful and nailing the job interview for your dream job all starts with a successful resume.

Wilkes had a Resumania March Madness information table March 27 featuring resumes in the Henry Student Center for all students.

Carol Bosack, director for Career Services, encouraged students to take the career planning class, Car 198. It is a one-credit, once-a-week elective for juniors and seniors. The class is geared to make students aware of how to write resumes, dress the part and interviewing tactics when going out on job interviews.

“Students sometimes have trouble deciding what they want to do; at Career Services, it is our job to help the students figure it out and make sure they are in the right major,” Bosack said.

Kassey Rader, a student assistant for Bosack in Career Services helps provide information to the student body. She gets the word out of all the great opportunities and help Career Services can offer the students and how it can help prepare them for the future.

Resumes are a big part in getting you one step closer to a face to face interview and your dream job, however, once you land the interview dressing the part is just as important.

Choosing outfits that are too trendy, casual, colorful or revealing will not give the interviewer the best impression of you or your judgment. It is important to know if you need to dress business or business casual.

When dressing business formal women should wear matching skirts and jackets, modest buttoned blouses, panty hose, closed-toe shoes, and simple jewelry. Men should dress in business suits, crisp white long-sleeve shirts, plain ties, dark colored socks and polished dress shoes.

When dressing business casual, it is relatively the same as business formal with a few exceptions. Khakis are acceptable, women do not need to wear suits or panty hose but the outfit should still be conservative, ties are always expected and lighter colors and small prints are more acceptable.

“Being a student assistant for Bosack in Career Services has been a great advantage, I learn about what is expected in resumes and job interviews without having to attend the career planning class,” Rader said.

Bosack provided several helpful pamphlets during the Resumania March Madness for the information table and different career planning websites students can go on to get information about career planning and resumes, as well as getting started on making a resume and getting help step by step through the process.

Students who want more information about resumes or career planning can visit Wilkes’ career services or log onto helpful websites including [email protected], www.wilkes.edu/career, or, www.collegecentral.com/wilkesu.