SG Notes: Trouble with consistency of fund rations

Nick Durdan, Staff Writer

This week Wilkes University’s Student government tackled more issues on consistency with fund allotments as well as new club recognitions, and retroactive fund requests.

Wilkes Enactus club continued its fund request for the second week.

The request for their conference trip to Cincinnati remained unchanged at $6,087.12.

The request, a large sum of Student Government’s funds, caused tense debates throughout the evening. Sergeant at Arms Cameron Low gave insight about the continued inconsistency about what SG should fund.

“Our whole budget is around thirteen thousand, their request is nearly forty-five percent of our total budget and there are still five weeks left in the semester for something else to come along,” said Low.

With the projected budgets for other projects, Student government would be in debt nearly $50.

A motion was eventually reached to allot $1,163.12 to pay for the hotel fare.

A debate over what SG should fund affected the vote of SG members.

The motion failed to pass at 10-26-0.

SG paid for the air fare at the previous Enactus conference last year, so a second motion was suggested to allocate $3,000 for air fare with a stipulation that any additional funding received after the budget expense would be given back to Student Government.

This motion was passed with a marginal vote of 19-17-0.

Wilkes American Society of Mechanical Engineers in its first week requested $5,500 for its upcoming car show fundraiser.

Student Government came to a consensus that the budgeted numbers were not very clear and needed to be fixed for the following week.

Voting will take place at the following meeting.

Also in its first week, the Choral Club retroactively requested $1,654.68 for its Baltimore trip over spring Break.

Student Government came to a consensus that price verification of the budget was necessary, and reminding all parties involved that Student Government does not pay for food.

Voting will take place at the following meeting.

Wilkes University’s American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-conditioning Engineers requested official club status.

ASHRAE is used to educate the science and engineering students in the fields of heating, refrigeration, and air-conditioning.

Student Government was for the recognition and looks to vote for its status at the following meeting.

Capital Projects returns for the spring 2014 with multiple project requests to be voted in the future.

The projects included an Xbox in the Student Union Building for a price of $678.63, twenty additional folding tables for $1,679.60, a new speaker system for $6.99.99, a new karaoke machine for $389.85, and replacement furniture in the Student Union Building lounge for either $10,000 or $11,070 depending on which type bought.

Voting on these projects and others will commence at the next meeting.

The budget this week is as follows: all college: $2,663.39, spirit: $2,630, general: $3,531.87, conference: $4,366.64, giving Student Government of: $13,191.90.