SG Notes: Fundraisers get approval; SG meets new Public Safety director

Nick Durdan, Staff Writer

This week, Wilkes University returns after a weeklong hiatus thanks to Spring break.

Student Government discussed multiple fund requests as well as introducing the new head to Public Safety.

The Glow Run 5k ran into its second week of fund requesting.

The event is planned for the same weekend as the Big Event and the Block Party near the end of the semester and its function is to be an alternative activity for the weekend.

The 5k is a run around Wilkes-Barre at night featuring glow paint and other glow in the dark objects.

A motion was proposed to allocate $3,233.20 with the stipulation that the requesters ask the mega council for grants, and whatever it receives in grants, the leftover money would return to Student Government.

The motion for the event passed with a vote of: 36-1-1.

Also in its second week of fund requesting was the psychology Club requesting $275 for the upcoming Eastern Psychological Association Conference.

The consensus was the budget was very reasonable and well planned out.

The motion passed with a vote of: 37-0-1.

Wilkes Enactus club in its first week requested a proposed $6,087.12 for various expenses for its upcoming national competition in Cincinnati.

Enactus President Dominic Manzione added, “Since there are no more regional competitions, going right to nationals is a big deal for us and for Wilkes University.”

The conference is scheduled for March 31 to April 3, 2014.

The current consensus is it is a lot of money, and Student Government hopes Enactus can get grants to help cushion their request.

Wilkes University’s new head of Public Safety formally introduced himself to Student Government.

Christopher J. Jagoe, who has 28 years of experience with the University of Maryland’s Public Safety, now heads the Public Safety here at Wilkes University.

The budget for this week is as follows: All College: $2,633.39, General: $6,765.07, Conference: $4,641.64, Spirit: $2,630, giving Student Government a total of: $16,700.10.

Student Government meets at 6 p.m. every Wednesday in the Miller Room inside the Henry Student Center.