Army National Guard offers employment to students

Amanda Stickles, Staff Writer

The Army National Guard offers different possibilities and benefits of being part of the military family and creates job opportunities for students while still being able to attend school.

Staff Sgt. Anthony DelGiudice has been a part of the military for 17 plus years and is now a recruiter for the National Guard. He wants to get the word out of all the job possibilities that are available when joining the Army National Guard.

DelGiudice does not want people to be afraid to come into the recruitment office and feel that they have to commit to the Army right away. Anyone can come into the office and learn more about the National Guard and if after they feel they no longer want to join the Army there is no commitment and the Army will not contact them in the future.

DelGuidice said, “Joining the Army is almost like joining a fraternity, the guys really become like your brothers and would help each other out with anything they would need.”

When joining the National Guard you are automatically considered a private in the military. The Army is pretty lenient when starting your basic training if you are still in high school or college. You only need to attend to the duty station once a month and two weeks in the summer.

The Army National Guard has job offers ranging from mechanics, police officers, radar repair, to becoming a cook and many more. When going for a job interview your resume goes to the top of the list because you are a part of the military.

Once you are a part of the National Guard they give you a test to see what you are qualified for and where you should be at depending what career you are aiming for. The National Guard helps out as much as they can with getting you a college degree and setting you set up for your career in mind.

For more information contact the nearest Army National Guard recruiter center.