SG Notes: Clubs present funding, granted official club status

Nick Durdan, Staff Writer

The Gold Bar was given official Wilkes club status by Student Government at its Nov. 20 meeting after the club had revised its constitution to accept all Wilkes students as defined by Student Government’s constitution.

Discussion within Student Government concerned changes within Gold Bar club’s constitution that still need to be revised, such as whether members must maintain active service in Wilkes Air Force ROTC.

Student Government members, most of whom had copies of the new constitution still lacked enough copies for members, which caused confusion among discussion. Student Government President Ian Foley said he plans to rectify the situation.

“In future meetings, we will make sure there are enough constitutions for everyone to avoid this confusion,” Foley said.

The final vote tipped in favor of Gold Bar club from last meetings previous discussion with a vote of 28-6-2.

The Powerlifting Club also sought recognition this week as an official club. Its plan is to be a club where members would participate in three lifting events: bench press, squat and dead lift one rep each, as much as they can lift.

“It is regulated activity, you practice your form and get stronger,” freshman mechanical engineering major Matt Wingersaid. “You push yourself as hard as you can as if it were a sport.”

The club plans to go to competitions with other powerlifting clubs from other colleges and would meet during club hours, times have not yet been determined.

Voting for club status would take place at the Dec. 4 Student Government meeting.

In a surprise visit, Wilkes president Dr. Patrick Leahy gave insight on a new public safety policy, as well as asked for questions about issues on the campus.

“A decision to transform our public safety officers to police officers is still in the works and will be decided by the end of the semester,” Leahy said.

The issue of electronic hookah and e-cigarette use within campus buildings was addressed and will be brought to the attention of Wilkes public safety and faculty.

The Wilkes University Ski Club had made a fund request for bus fare to its trip to Killington, Vt., ski trip. Ski Club President Mike Grobinski requested about $5,100.

“In the past we have asked for full funding for the trip, this year we only need transportation costs, which I estimate to be about $150 per person,” said Grobinski, a junior mechanical engineering major.

Student Government will determine if funds will be allocated for the 34-member trip at the next meeting.

In its second week of debate, the Student Government had determined which of the four capital projects to fund.

The projects for new strengthening equipment, five new tables, and 200 new chairs were passed by a vote of 30-0-4. The total estimated cost for the three projects was around $35,142.03.

The fourth project to allocate $20,000 to buy Ebsco Host and use it as a one stop shop scholarly search engine was tabled for further information.

Casino Week was a well-received this semester, SG Treasurer Anthony Fanucci reported, and each event had more attendance than the spring Casino Week. The total cost for the week was $11,100.

Student Government began brainstorming themes for Winter Weekend, slated to be Feb. 21-22, 2014.

The budget this week is as follows: All College: $684.11, Spirit: $1,485, General: $3,186.31, Conference: $2,750, which gives Student Government a total of: $8,105.42.

Due to Thanksgiving break, there will be no Student Government meeting next week, it will resume the following Wednesday, Dec. 4.