New Sports and Event Management major

Nicole Zukowski, Assistant News Editor

The Sidhu School of Business and Leadership introduce a new major to their roaster.

Students now have the option to declare sports and event management as a major. Through this program of study students will learn abilities to plan, analyze and operate a sport or focused eventful function.

According to the proposal for the major complied by Dr. Marianne Rexer, “The foundation courses of the Sidhu school meet the mission guidelines with teaching, mentoring, emotional

intelligence while sport & event management major courses encourage leadership growth, enhance the entrepreneurial spirit, and illustrate the need to adapt to the changing environment.”

This major helps student who are focused on building a career in sporting events, concerts, event planning and theatrical productions in a professional business approach. A degree in this program prepares students for careers in directing and managing athletic, managing performing arts facilities, sports medicine, coaching, event planning and communications.

Both an internal and external internship is required for the program. Some examples of internal internships within Wilkes would be inside the athletics department or the Darte Center for Performing Arts. In hope, the internal Wilkes internship experience should give students an advantage in obtaining internships with potential employers. The major is centered around small classes and mentoring to gain the best possible education.

“This program recognizes the entrepreneurial spirit is not solely contained in business and is a natural fit for a second major or minor to students in communication studies,” said in the proposal from Dr. Rexer.

A minor of this program is also available. Picking up this minor compliments other disciplines with the knowledge of event management, which could help strength one for a professional career. The major and minor of sports and event management allow student access and knowledge for a successful career in the sports and event industries.