SG Notes: Two new groups seeking club recognition

Nick Durdan, Staff Writer

Student Government was left without consensus after two club recognition proposals that reopened old wounds of a previous debate.

The Gold Bars Club and Arnold Air Society, both clubs belonging to Wilkes University’s Air Force ROTC programs began its week one discussions for official Wilkes club recognition.

The Gold Bars Club is deigned to train individuals in Air Force ROTC to become officers. They plan to represent Wilkes across the country and further leadership of Wilkes students in a positive light.

The Arnold Air Society helps develop leadership, teach communication skills, and enhance professional development for those in Air Force ROTC to learn more about the Air Force.

According to the Student Government constitution, to be a club at Wilkes, all students must be eligible for membership. A revision of both clubs’ constitutions must be revised for club recognition to be rewarded.

Student Government members compared this controversy to the Society of Women Engineers. Junior class representative Peter Tuzzo gave his insight on the issue.

“Even though it is open primarily to women, men can join. If they revise their constitution to match ours, they should be allowed to be a club,” said Tuzzo.

Opinions of both clubs being catered narrow audience also raised controversy. Student Government members argued that Air Force members would be the primary members, such as SWE members being primarily comprised of women.

Student Government president Ian Foley gave the final words on the week new debate.

“They must revise their constitution and have them adhere to ours,” said Foley.

A decision and constitution revision from both clubs is slated for the coming weeks ahead, and then a recognition vote will proceed.

Capital Projects, which uses unused activity fees for clubs has four planned project proposals to help improve the Wilkes University campus.

The first project plans to purchase new strengthening equipment for the Marts Gym fitness center. After trade-in values the projected cost is $28,620.

The second project calls for five new picnic tables to be placed between Kirby and Chase halls, and one or two in the grass near the Cohen Science Center. The cost is slated at $4,172.03.

Two hundred folding chairs were considered for project three to potentially replace some chairs that have been broken or stolen that are normally used for Wilkes functions. This cost is around $2,350.

The final project proposal would be to purchase the Ebsco-Discovery Service used as a reference at Farley Library to become a search engine for all library databases. The least well received of the four plans; the cost is planned for $20,000.

Student Government will vote for the best of the four proposed plans next week.

The Nursing Students Organization requested funds for a conference in Harrisburg. The cost for their conference is estimated at $2,762.29 and they are asking $1,600 from Student Government. This decision will be voted upon, at the next meeting.

Student Government parliamentarian Anthony Bartoli commented on the views of members abstaining in votes. An abstention is when a member declines to vote yes or no and remains neutral on decisions being voted upon.

“Abstentions should only occur when total conflict is reached, when you know you would have a bias about a vote, that is when it is necessary to abstain,” said Bartoli.

The proposed budget is as follows. All College: $7,844.11. Spirit: $1,485. Conference: $2,750. General: $7,332.47. This gives Student Government a total of: $19,411.58.