SG notes: survey to help campus become more aware of drugs, alcohol

Nick Durdan, Staff Writer

A survey designed to get an overview of drug and alcohol use across Wilkes University will be conducted over the next three weeks.

In doing so, Wilkes can use its resources to help quell the use of drugs and alcohol, as well as bring awareness to the issue.

Core Institute is based at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale in Illinois. It is the home to the largest database of drug and alcohol use across the United States.

The surveys will be conducted online on Nov. 1 or and will run for three weeks ending on Nov. 21.

Mark Allen, dean of students, will oversee the survey for student and faculty use.

“Participation is important to help recognize the at risk groups on campus,” Allen said.

This survey will be geared to upperclassmen; freshmen take their own required survey when coming to Wilkes.

“With this survey we can now get a feedback on upperclassmen about this issue adding to the mandatory survey taken by first-year students,” Allen said.

A second survey will be offered to Wilkes faculty to help them understand the issue with drugs and alcohol among students on campus.

The resources being used for drug and alcohol issues on campus consist of referral programs for addictive behavior and the campus BACCHUS Club.

The policies for drugs and alcohol can also be found in the student handbook and are enforced by Public Safety and resident assistants within the residence halls on campus.

Incentives will be offered. Those who partake in the survey will be offered a chance to win one of 35 potential prizes.

The surveys now may be brought directly to the students. Student Government at its Oct. 30 meeting passed an informal motion to purchase two iPad Minis to use as tools for surveys and event feedback.

Student Government President Ian Foley had his motion passed by a hand vote from representatives.

“With these iPads, we can have SG representatives go to dorms and physically have students fill out surveys,” Foley said

Foley also plans to get feedback from students from events around campus.

“Email feedback and surveys don’t always work, this way we can get direct feedback from students regarding events on campus, if they want us to do them again or not,” Foley said

At its meeting, SG split into multiple groups into multiple groups to discuss internal business within Student Government, relating from its constitution to the upcoming Casino Night.

The budget for the meeting presented by Treasurer Anthony Fanucci are as follows: All College: $7,844.11, Conference: $2,750, Spirit: $1,485, Overall: $8,530.34, giving Student Government a total of: $20,609.45.

Student Government meets at 6 p.m. every Wednesday in the Miller Room in the Student Union Building.