Student Government Meeting Notes: Plans to survey students

Nick Durdan, Staff Writer

Students can potentially benefit from new expanded survey possibilities thanks to a proposed Student Government request.

In order to keep up with the increased student population, and diminish non-response bias with the current survey system, Student Government President Ian Foley has proposed a request to increase student feedback with school surveys.

The request is to acquire two iPads, and have two Student Government representatives go to the various residence halls on campus and physically survey students living there.

“We need to get increased feedback for school surveys,” Foley said. “This way instead of an email survey, we can physically get feedback from the students.”

There is an upcoming smoking feedback survey, and Foley hopes to have his request implemented by then.

Casino Week had a slight increase in projected costs from its previous budget proposal. The previous projected costs at $11,339 had increased to $11,604. Student Government Treasurer Anthony Fanucci added $200 for Ticketmaster gift cards, and the Broadway prize was added to  $260. Student Government also decided to order less pizza in order to prevent waste.

“We ordered the more Ticketmaster gift cards because of the high demand for them,” Fanucci said.

Even with the increased cost the budget is still over $100 less than the previously lowest priced Casino Night. The budget passed with a vote of 35-0-5.

The presented budget report is as follows: All College: $7,844.11, Conference: $2,750, Spirit: $1,485, Overall: $8,530, giving Student Government a total of: $20,609.45.

In committee reports, the Operations committee is in the process of turning Ross, Doane and Slocum halls completely wireless. The IT committee is rebuilding the Wilkes website from the ground up and the High School Leadership committee is planning their camping trip.

Student Government meets at 6 p.m. every Wednesday in the Miller Room in the Student Union Building.