Student Government Meeting Notes: Casino night approved with few small revisions

Sara Davis, Correspondent

Student Government discussed and approved changes that were made to the Casino Week prize list at its Oct. 23 meeting.

Each year, SG attempts to improve its prize list by listing to the feedback they receives from the students.

This year’s list includes items such as food gift cards, Coach purses, designer merchandise and various electronic items.

The original changes included an additional Ticket Master gift card, pizza gift cards reduced back down to $200 and two New-York City bus passes that include two Broadway tickets to attend the show “Phantom of the Opera.”

With these changes being made, the budget totaled $11,554. The budget passed with a vote of 35-0-5.

Sophomore class Vice President Michael Warkala proposed that the value of the gift cards be increased due to the expensive ticket prices.

“I think it would be better if the values were increased to $100 each because the ticket prices are so expensive and you are most likely going to get what you want with $100,” Warkala said.

SG Treasurer Anthony Fanucci accepted this idea and made the changes to the prize list, making the tickets each have a value of $100. These changes made the new budget total $11,604.

“We are still approximately $150 under the budget of the cheapest casino night we have had in a while,” Fanucci said.

After a discussion, the SG approved the request.

Overall, the Student Government expects to have a good turnout this year, basing many of the prizes off of the responses they received last year.

Casino Week is open to all Wilkes students.