SG meets Adventure Education

Sara Davis, Staff Writer

Student Government was introduced to the activities on campus while getting a lesson in applying fun to achieving success.

From approximately 6:45-7:15 p.m. on Oct. 16 in the Miller Room of the Henry Student Center, the SG was introduced to the Adventure Education program and its director, Jill Price.

“I was hired to play in an appropriate way,” Price told the student representatives.

Adventure Education includes activities such as mountain biking and the open rock wall.

“A lot of students come to Adventure Education as part of a class or as part of a club,” Price said.

“People like people who can play games on the spot,” Price said. “People tend to like playing more than they like working, so if you can make work more like play you will be better off.”

Price then asked the Student Government and its representatives to split into groups of four.

The group was then asked to “sign off” for the next 15 minutes for their participation in the event. To sign off for the event, the individuals were asked to “write their names in cursive with their backside.”

After the conclusion of the signing, the groups then went into the hall to participate in the Adventure Education game.

The team was asked to pick two throwers, two retrievers and the remaining members would serve as receivers.

The teams were given a goal to accumulate the most points within two minutes, by throwing balls into buckets labeled with the amounts of points they are worth.

“This was a fun ice-breaker that allowed everyone to become more comfortable with each other,” said Ian Foley, president of Student Government. “It is my goal to familiarize the Student Government with the activities we offer at Wilkes University. As the mouth piece of the university, it is important that we are familiar with all of the activities.””

After the game concluded, Price called all the members together to discuss their experiences involved with the game.

Price said her goal was to show how this game could be related to jobs involved with in the student government, such as assigning the right jobs to the right people.