SG Notes: IMAD budget passed

Nick Durdan, Staff Writer

The Student Government meeting held on Oct. 2 passed the proposed budget for Studio 20, the  integrative media and art club.

Studio 20 requested a budget of $945 from the board to complete their total collected budget of $1,720 being used for a “Third Friday at Wilkes” event that will celebrate the arts, such as theater, film and other art mediums. It will feature the film “Within the Woods of Undead County,” directed by senior theater and integrative media major Josh Solarczyk. The budget was passed with a vote of 33-1-1.

The event will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 18 on the greenway and will be free and open to the public. The event will be held inside of Geis Hall in the Dorothy Dickson Darte Center should inclement weather be an issue.

Spearheading the proposal was senior theater and integrative media major Josh Solarczyk who said, “The project was a huge undertaking, and I am happy our budget was passed.”

Moe Woodard, joining Solarczyk will be offering T-shirt order forms to those interested. She said, “Students can order T-shirts which will be sold later in this semester or next.”

Dean of the Library and Information Technology John Stachacz updated the board on four major projects to improve the Farley Library and wireless Internet access throughout the university.

First, a cost of $1,000,000 will be required to fix the heating and air conditioning system at the library, which will take place in the spring of 2014. A $20,000 new catalog for the library’s databases is being proposed to improve research for students. The IT department plans to improve dormitories by making them completely wireless, starting with Fortinsky Hall. Additional plans have been made to make Ross, Doane and Slocum completely wireless. The project is estimated at $300 to 400,000 to complete. Finally, the new Wilkes application that was implemented had mixed results, and may be pulled as a result.

The Society of Women Engineers is requesting $2,500 for their conference and “Amazing Race” which they are sponsoring. The money is needed as they now have more members. Student Government will vote for the budget at a future meeting.

In the Committee reports, the IT committee declared they will meet every third Thursday rather than once a year and the Financial Aid committee announced that a $2,000 scholarship will be awarded students who participated in the Women Empowered by Science program.

The budget that was presented at the meeting is as follows: All College: $3, 709.11, Conference: $5,000, Spirit $1,485, General Funds: $19,474.89, giving Student Government a total of: $29,669.