Public Safety increasing patrols after robbery near Asian Kitchen

Christine Lee, News Editor

Public Safety has amped up its patrols in the wake of a robbery within the vicinity of campus involving Wilkes students.

Public Safety reported Sept. 27 that four students were robbed at approximately 1:45a.m. as they were walking in front of Asian Kitchen on South Main street.

Two purses were reported being stolen; the students were not hurt and no weapons were used in the robbery.

Public Safety manager Jerry Rebo said there have been no leads in the case and is being investigated by the Wilkes-Barre police department detective division.

“I think that was just an isolated case where a male thought he would take advantage of the girls and walk behind them and snatch their purses. There were four (girls) in total but only two purses were taken,” Rebo said.

Rebo said crime has not decreased around campus and the presence of Public Safety on and off campus has increased and Wilkes-Barre police have been utilized to patrol South Main street, particularly by the bars.

He added that Public Safety patrols have been changed in the wake of several off-campus robberies in the past year.

“What we’re doing now is extending the patrols to off-campus and saturating them with extra patrols at night, especially around the weekends,” Rebo said. “They’re going to be out there where we know the areas of crime are.”

Sophomore nursing major Justin Perez said the increase in Public Safety makes him feel safer on campus.

“On campus I feel pretty safe and right around the outside cause you always see Public Safety around,” Perez said.

Perez said he strives to keep close to campus when by himself and with others when walking off campus

“I try to stay pretty close to campus when I’m by myself. If I’m wandering off a little bit I’ll be with a group of friends or something,” Perez said.

However, P3 pharmacy major Mike Shirk said the recent robbery has made him feel uneasy about the surrounding area at night.

“In general I don’t feel safe around here at night but I’d say it makes me feel a little more worried,” Shirk said.

Rebo applauds the students for staying in a group but advises students to always be aware of their surroundings.

“This person snuck up from behind and in that area maybe looking around a little bit more, especially at quarter to two in the morning when you have these people out there looking for easy targets,” Rebo said.