SG Notes: Homecoming budget adjusted to allow for students

Nicole Zukowski, Assistant News Editor

Homecoming budget adjustments were the topic of the student government meeting held Sept. 25.

The original homecoming budget allowed 400 student tickets to be sold in the dance budget. As of the last day to sell tickets, Sept. 25, 395 tickets were sold without faulty tickets in account.

A choice was brought up during the meeting to add 50 additional tickets splitting the tickets between 32 tickets for faculty and 18 tickets for students; or the alternative choice of just adding 32 additional tickets just for the faculty.

The board closed the discussion with the decision of allocating $1,400 for 32 faculty and 18 more student tickets.

Sophomore class representative Samantha Earley, commented about the decision made Wednesday night, “I thought it was fair that the 18 student tickets were able to be made available; students that want to go to the dance should have an opportunity to go if we have the money in budget.”

The budget was presented as follows at the meeting: All College: $5,100, Conferences: $5,000, General Funds: $20,300, Spirit: $1,500, all together making the Student Government total: $32,900.

Studio 20 requested $1,000 for a movie projector and a screen to show a student directed film to be put on the greenways as part of the “Third Friday” Wilkes-Barre events on Oct. 18. The event will be Halloween theme and will be free for students and faculty. There is a plan for an auction, costume contests and a haunted tour for the events. They will be back this week to see in the request has been approved.

The Random Acts of Kindness Club asked for recognition. The club states its purpose as a way to “enable students to think outside of the box in ways in which they can put a positive spin and make a difference on a person’s day.” The club has a goal of 50 random acts of kindness a semester and ambitious of being involved in the community. This club is a global nonprofit organization with a network of over 50 universities.

SAE Mini Baja Club, an automotive engineering club, was approved of their request to add a public relations officer position to their constitution.

A motion to deny the fund request of $560 to purchase 100 keychains for Public Safety alarm devices has been passed with a vote of 34-5-0.

Anthony Fanucci brought to discussion the High School Leadership program. This program aims at bringing middle and high school students to Wilkes for low ropes course and other team-building activities. Student government is asked to help facilitate and volunteer with the activities.

The Board of Trustees Report was looked at also. The report states the Cohen Science Center was $2 million under budget, and 56 percent of the freshmen class is first generation college students.

Two updates came from the Board of Trustees Report: Master Plan is focusing on the long term facilities plan and Public safety officers will have more formal training, new uniforms and vehicles. There is a discussion about public safety officers having arresting power.