SG Notes: Nominations made for executive committee roles; faculty and staff awards

Shawn Carey, Assistant News Editor

The Student Government meeting on April 17 was called to order at 5:58 p.m.

All College       $8,707.48

Conference      $1,640

General             $1,604.40

Leadership      $     –

Spirit                  $347.77

Student Government Total     $12,299.65

To start the meeting the Hindu Spirituality Club gave a club report, with Shivani Patel presented for the group. She said the club participated in the Big Event co-sponsored the Color Wars event with the Indian Cultural Association. She said there were approximately 50-60 students that participated in the event. The group will be taking a  trip to West Virginia to visit the Golden Temple and she said the trip is open to anyone and there were two spots left for the trip.

The Indian Cultural Association also presented a club report. Himil Desai and Birju Patel presented for the group. The club has held a bake sale and had a candy sale for fundraisers. The ICA co-sponsored the Color Wars event with the HSC. They also co-sponsored with MSC on the One World Party.

Student Government adviser Mark Allen issued a charge to board members to engage in civil and constructive debate while discussing matters during the meeting. He also asked that members stay for the whole meeting and listen attentively unless there is an urgent matter.

Lambda Kappa Sigma is asking for $1,800 to attend and present at a conference. They will be presenting a poster that they have worked on this year. At the conference they will have a lot of educational opportunities for members. Melissa Caprio and Meribeth Derkach presented for the group and were there to answer any questions the SG board had. The conference is focused on women in pharmacy. The group has already received $600 from Pharmacy Senate and they will be using SG Vans for transportation. A motion was made to allocate $1,800 to LKS to attend the conference, which passed with a vote of 32-1-10.

Bernard Socha, a representative for the Ham Radio Club, presented to the SG board to go through the process of being an SG recognized club. Ham radio is something that can be broadcasted all around the world with a license through the FCC. There is a testing procedure that must be done. Each student that is interested must be licensed through the FCC and take the licensing test. Socha said that there is student interest in the club, but is not sure when the club will be officially starting. A motion was made to recognize the Ham Radio Club, which passed with a vote of 39-0-4.

Representatives from the ENACTUS club were there to present to the SG board about their trip to the national conference. The club is requesting $4,479.81 to pay for lodging, airfare and baggage fees. The amount requested would cover eight students and one adviser to attend the conference. A motion was made to allocate $3,679.81 to the ENACTUS club to attend the national conference, which  passed with a vote of 21-17-5.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers presented their second week of fund request for the Customs, Classics and Cruisers Car show. They are requesting $2,750 for the event. The amount requested was amended from last week and down from $3,000. Funding will be used for the t-shirts, trophies, giveaways, tents and more supplies. In addition, half of the entrance fees will be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project. A motion was made to allocate $2,750 to ASME for the car show, which passed with a vote of 34-0-9.

The Society of Women Engineers was at the meeting to present a fund request. Rachel Lacek, vice-president for the group, presented for the club. The group is requesting $200 to pay for members to be a part of the national organization. The group is requesting to pay for 10 members for $20 per person. The group has participated in the Big Event and has a team in the Relay for Life event. The group’s main goal is to promote women in science but more specifically, women in engineering.

The Budget committee, led by Samantha Bickert, presented the final budget options for the SG Board to vote on. The board discussed all of the viable options presented by the committee and voted on one of the six. A motion was made to approve option four of the Budget for the 2013-2014 school year, which passed 31-2-10.

Capital Projects presented another project approval, led by Committee Chairwoman Julie Miller. The group has three different projects that needed approval by the board. The first one was smaller items to be purchased including a new ladder, collapsible cart, calendar to display school events, six new folding tables and a new grill. The first group of items totals in cost of $1,707. The second group is the purchase of two 2013 Chevrolet Traverses to replace two of the SG vans. The total cost will be $58,000, which includes the cost of decaling the new vehicles. The third project was the refunding Off Campus Council to pay for the paver project, which will cost $673.33. The money pays for pavers, sand and grass seed. A motion was made to approve the first project, which passed with a hand vote. A motion was made to approve the second project, which also passed with a hand vote. A motion was made to approve the third project, and it passed with a hand vote as well.

Nominations for next year’s executive board members were given. Currently Ian Foley is running unopposed for President of next year’s board. Nominations were taken for all other positions.

Vice – President:

  • Christian Victoria
  • Taylor Moyer

Recording Secretary

  • Kassi Bugg
  • Anastasia Mauger


  • Anthony Fanucci
  • Stephen Sawka
  • Peter Tuzzo
  • Adam Bailey

Corresponding Secretary

  • Kaitlyn Wolfe
  • Amber Konopka

Nominations were also taken for faculty and staff awards.


  • Christine Mellon
  •  Anne Batory
  •  Debra Tindell
  •  Jane Elmes-Crahall
  •  Diane Polachek
  •  Jennifer Edmonds
  •  Ernie Trujillo
  •  Larry Kuhar
  •  Col. Mark Kaster (ret.)
  •  Bianca Sabia
  •  Thomas Hamill
  •  Andrew Wilczak


  • Roberta Shaffer (Residence Life)
  •  Theresa Rule (Pharmacy)
  •  Kayla Cauthon (Student Development)
  •  Jill Price (Adventure Education)
  •  Sharon Castano (Internship Coordinator)
  •  Michelle Geiser (Communications)
  •  Kathleen Willis (Food Services)
  •  Erica Acosta (Center for Global Diversity)
  •  Edward Elgonitis (Mailroom)
  •  Megan Valkenburg (Office of Civic Engagement)
  •  Sandy Anthony (Food Services)
  •  Eileen Sharp (Pre-Professional)

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.