SG Notes: Capital Projects committee purchase proposals finalized

Christine Lee, News Editor

The meeting April 10 was called to order at 6:02 p.m.

All College: $8,108.44

Conferences: $1,640

General Funds: $2,409.92


Spirit: $347.77

Student Government Total: $12,506.13

Lambda Kappa Sigma Fund Request (Week 1 of 2)

◦Requesting $1,800 to cover half of the registration fee for nine participants to attend the conference

◦Will be using SG vans for transportation; hotel and food are paid out of pocket

◦$600 attained from Pharmacy Senate for conference registration fees; cannot accept any more

◦Conference focuses on women in pharmacy

Ham Radio Club Recognition (Week 1 of 2)

◦Can communicate all over the world; must be licensed through a test from the FCC

◦Will provide education and funding for the licensing test

Enactus Fund Request (Week 1 of 2)

◦Requesting $5,636.81 to cover lodging, airfare, and transportation expenses for the National Competition for eight students plus one advisor

◦Fundraiser: Super Smash Bros tournament, library coffee shop, apparel sale

◦Reached out to Students in Free Enterprise  Alumni with an online link to donate.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Fund Request (Week 1 of 2)

◦Requesting $3,000.00 for the annual Customs, Classics, and Cruisers Car Show

◦Funding will be used for T-shirts, trophies, Dino, giveaways, sponsor gifts, tent, plaques, and signs

◦Half of proceeds from entrance fees will be going toward the Wounded Warrior Foundation

Recycle Metrics Fund Request (Week 2 of 2)

◦Requesting $500 for event functions; $350 on food, $150 on shirts

◦Recycling Competition between Wilkes and King’s College that lasts for one month

◦April 22: Wilkes and King’s team travel around city of Wilkes-Barre and collect recycling, meet and see who collected more

◦Winner will receive a trophy made of recyclable materials and donation to cause of their choice

◦White office paper only because it is worth the most to recycle

◦15 barrels will be at Wilkes, 15 at Kings

◦WNEP will be covering the events

◦About 80 people attended the party on Friday night; spent more than $200 on food and drinks

◦Joe Pugliese motions to allocate $500.00 to Recycle Metrics; Peter Tuzzo seconds the motion.

■Motion Does Not Pass: 7-25-10.

◦Samantha Bickert motions to allocate $150 for T-shirts to Recycle Metrics; Samantha Earley seconds the motion

■Motion Passes: 29-3-10.

History Club Fund Request (Week 2 of 2)

◦Requesting $530 to match the $20 out of pocket hotel room cost per member and gas for transportation to and from Washington, D.C. for 17 people

◦Taylor Moyer motions to allocate $530 to match the $20 out of pocket hotel room cost per member and gas for transportation to/from Washington, D.C. to History Club; Christian Giovannini seconds the motion.

■Motion Passes: 29-2-11

2013-2014 Budget Approval (Week 1 of 2)

◦Budget was presented; Suggestions listed below for how to adjust budget

◦Pull $3,000 from Adventure Ed and add to Programming Board

◦Pull $1,000 from SG, MSC, and SG Vans and add to Programming Board

◦Breakdown MSC, OCC, CC costs: all breakdowns

◦Pull $3,000 from SG to add to Programming Board

◦Pull $3,000 from ASB to add to Programming Board

Capital Projects Request (Week 1 of 2)

◦New ladder to hang banners, lightweight, adjustable, easy to store

◦Collapsible cart that is larger and holds more weight

◦Calendar to display school events (2×3 feet)

◦6 new folding tables for small events

◦New grill for events

◦OCC walkway project: cost of more sand, pavers, and grass seed

◦2 new SG vehicles (trade in): Chevy Traverse-will bring comparison between vehicles for next week

Programming Board Constitutional

Revision (Week 2 of 2)

◦Changes to constitution regarding parts that should have already been there

◦Condensed voting and general membership

◦Kyle Wolfe motions to pass the constitutional revisions; Anthony Cooper seconds the motin

■Motion Passes with a hand vote

Inactive Club: Earth and Environmental Science Club (Week 2 of 2)

◦Have not been active in two years

◦Nick Wierman motions to disband the Earth and Environmental Science Club; Kyle Wolfe seconds the motion.

■Motion Passes with a hand vote.

Student Government Presidential

Nominations (Week 2 of 2)

◦Catelyn Sofio nominates Peter Tuzzo; Joe Pugliese seconds; Peter declines

◦Kassi Bugg nominates Samantha Blincoe; Ian Foley seconds; Samantha declines

◦John Sweeney moves to close discussion on nominations; Peter Tuzzo seconds; Discussion closed

The meeting was adjourned at 8:24 p.m.