SG drafts new fundraising outlines for campus clubs

The Student Government meeting on Feb. 20 was called to order at 6:06p.m.

All College: $7,916.16

Conference: $2,640

General: $18,595.85

Leadership: $1,200

Spirit: $1,347.77

Student Government Total: $31,699.78

The Society of Women Engineers presented a club report to the board. Niki Patel, club president, gave an overview of what the club entails. The advisor of the club is Brian Whitman and some of the activities they have participated in are writing holiday cards to soldiers, and they are talking to the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders about a possible activity. They have tried to have bake sales last semester but they didn’t work out, however, they are hoping to sell T-shirts this semester.

Niki Patel from the Adventures in Science committee presented the first week of fund requests. The committee was originally asking for $2,500, but has lowered their fund request to $1,500 as they went through their equipment inventory and decided to lower the amount. Adventures in Science day is a chance for high school students to come in and work with Wilkes professors on science experiments throughout the day. The event is free to all students and all majors to attend. Students usually receive T-shirts and bags that have the SG logo on them. If approved, the committee plans on spending the money to purchase those items. Last year this event had approximately 150-200 student volunteers.

SG board members seemed to be on board with sponsoring the event.

“I think it is a great experience,” Kyle Wolfe, senior representative said. Catelyn Sofio echoed the feeling. “It helps them spark their interest in science,” Sofio said. “I think it really helps Wilkes as well.”

The Hockey Club was in attendance for their first week of fund requests. The executive board, which included President Ryan Maloney and Vice-President Sean Ryan,  presented to the board, requesting $1,825 for 16 players and three goalies to participate in the Penalty Box Hockey League at the Revolution Ice Center. The group was able to talk the price of participation down from $260 to $200 per player and $150 per goalie. Players have agreed to pay half of their cost if SG is willing to pay the other half. The group has discussed possible fundraisers by speaking to Applebee’s and Sweet Frog but has not made any decisions.

“I think they are very passionate about what they do,” senior class treasurer Melissa Caprio said.

There was an announcement at the meeting that there would be an updated fundraising policy for clubs and organizations on campus. Based on the advice of Vice President of Student Affairs Paul Adams, the board has drafted a policy regarding the matter. Students will now have to fill out an approval form for their fundraiser and clubs and organizations must have a university fund number in order to apply for a fundraiser approval. They will also be restricted to where they will be allowed to fundraise for their club and will have to follow the fundraising policies outlined in the student handbook. Students with any feedback are encouraged to talk to the Student Affairs.

Kayla Cauthon, the new Student Development Activities Assistant replacing Jamie Miller, who now serves as the Assistant Director of Residence Life, was at the meeting to introduce herself to the board. Cauthon said that if there is anything they or students need to contact her office.

The TREC committee met this last week to discuss teaching awards. Nominations for Innovative Teaching and Best Advisee award are due March 18. A URL for the nominations will be sent to student emails.

The high school leadership committee will be designing new brochures to distribute to the area high schools to encourage students to become a part of the leadership opportunity at Wilkes.

The operations committee also met. They said the speakers in the concourse are not meant for entertainment but rather for fire alarms. Also, there was a report of a skunk around the Max Roth Center and they said if  it is seen to contact Public Safety.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:32p.m.