Forum highlights ed issues

Delisia Washington, Staff Writer

Cyberbullying and strategies that will help students succeed are only a few topics that will be presented at the 2013 spring semester’s Drs. Robert S. and Judith A. Gardner Educational Forum Lecture Series.

Every semester since 2006, assistant professor of education Robert Gardner and his wife, adjunct instructor of education Judith Gardner have coordinated a series of lectures  for students, teachers and the general public to inform and educate them on various issues in education and the community.

Judith Gardner marveled at the lecture series’ national appeal when she described receiving phones calls from hopeful speakers from as far as California.

This class of recognition has made the candidate selection process diverse and enjoyable she said.

The Gardners said they use newspaper articles, phone calls, emails and referrals to recruit prospective speakers.

Book authors and workers from prominent television networks have also contacted them with lecture proposals. Then, they would collectively decide which speakers’ topics would be of value to the audience.

According to Judith, the Educational Forum Series has allowed students to build a network of caring people that are natural teachers but not always classroom teachers.

“That sometimes strikes a chord with young people who are a little bit tired, frankly, of the sage on the stage (explicit instruction),” she said.

Teachers from local school districts are also invited to sit in on the informational sessions as the content is beneficial to them as well the Gardners said.

Robert  stated that he and Judith ultimately strive to provide an environment in which people can speak freely and honestly.

A list of speakers, dates and times can be found at