SG Notes, 9/26

Shawn Carey, Staff Writer



The Student Government meeting was called to order at 6:03 p.m.


All college: $9,550.00

Conferences: $700.00

General funds: $18,213.00

Leadership: $600.00

Spirit: $872.34

Student government total: $29,935.34


A representative from the Paintball Club was there to discuss the club and successes over the past year. They are hoping to keep new membership up for the year and want to be sanctioned by the NCPA. The club is on week one of two for requesting funds for an upcoming trip. The club is requesting $673.92. They said that they do not have any plans for a large fundraiser because of the transition of leadership.

The Autism Speaks club met for the second week. The club is seeking club status by the Student Government. Club representatives said they met with the community service department and they said it would not make sense for them to be considered a community service club, but instead should be a Student Government recognized club. They said they have 78 students interested in the club, with a majority of that coming from sophomores and seniors.

A motion was made to recognize the Autism Speaks club as a Student Government recognized club. The motion passed 33-0-7.

The Van committee presented for the second week. The committee is seeking funds from Student Government to clean and get new decals for the vans. Chair of the Vans Committee, John Sweeney, said the cost for cleaning the vans would be $840. He was also asking $70 for new magnetic decals.

A motion was made by treasurer Sam Bickert to allocate $840 to clean the vans, which did not include funds for magnets. The motion passed 38-2-2

The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 p.m.