Student Government has a new commander-in-chief

Sara Cosgrove, Correspondent

Kristofer Rivers won the presidency and has outlined what he hopes to accomplish in the upcoming school year.

 Rivers, senior, is an accounting and business administration major at Wilkes. Now he can add Student Government president to his title.

“I feel that both of us were strong individuals with great ideas for the university,” he said about the election. “In general I try to get to know as many people as possible. First off, you learn the most in life from others and second, it makes the college experience that much more fun. I feel that the relations I built for the last three years with my peers had a lot to do with helping me win the election.”

Rivers says he has a strong drive to help others and will be available when people need him as president.

One of Rivers’ main goals is to be a direct liaison between the student body and the administration. He wants to help students have their voices heard by Wilkes administration if the students are not able to do so themselves.

“On the administrative side, I will be the student voice, so I hope students will come to me and their student government representatives to express their ideas, concerns, and overall feelings of their experience here at Wilkes so that we can make it the best possible,” he said.

Another part of student government is the activities and events it hosts for the student body.

“My goal is to make sure that they have everything they need available to them to create the best event for the students,” Rivers said.

He said he will definitely be there to assist at functions, but he also will take the back seat and let the certain groups and elected officials run the events to gain the valuable experience.

Plus, Rivers said, “it’s fun to organize and host these events.”

Rivers said he hopes to increase school spirit and community involvement among Wilkes students while in office.

“I would like to improve student turnout and spirit at sporting events as well as provide students with plenty of activities throughout the year run by Student Government and its organizations,” he said. “With an increase in school spirit and pride I would like to also continue to reach out to the surrounding community through community service and involvement.”

He said is hoping for a trickle effect, with increased school spirit he is hoping to turn that into a positive for Wilkes’ surrounding community.

“I would like the student body to remember me as a president who was visible throughout the campus and someone that people felt comfortable speaking to about their experience here at Wilkes,” Rivers said. “I encourage students to talk with the university president whenever they get the chance but for those that are not able to; I want them to know I am available to relay their experiences.”

Rivers began his presidential duties on April 25, 2012, when the gavel was passed.