SG notes: About $12,000 approved for Casino Night

Devoni Novak, Assistant News Editor

Casino Night: Lady Luck will be sporting a dress made of student activities fees

SG unanimously granted $11,900 of student activities fees to cover the cost of this year’s Casino Week. Most of the money is projected to be spent on prizes such as the MacBook Pro, the iPad, a giant flatscreen TV, a skydiving trip, gift cards and jewelry, just to name a few. Included in the budget will be a feast of pizza and soda.

P1 pharmacy student Samantha Bickert presented the proposal and after re-joining the budget was approved, she was jokingly told that her fund request was denied. Bickert however, was not convinced and laughed off the joke as she accepted just under $12,000 for the event.

When asked why SG was entitled to such a large chunk of the student activity fee pot without having to fundraise — a practice that all of SG suggests to every club that receives SG funding– sophomore political science major Ian Foley explained, “We don’t need to fundraise because we already have access to the student activities fees.”

SUB renovations aim at giving the first floor of the SUB a more modern look

Buffer fund has projected the renovations on the first floor of the SUB to cost $105,000. To achieve a coveted modern style, $15,000 of the budget will be used to buy new furniture and another $15,000 will be set aside “just in case.”

Taking students’ feedback into consideration from the online survey, minor changes to the virtual model will be made and installed accordingly when re-modeling takes place this summer.

Instead of the tapered counter originally designed for the game room, a full counter is preferable among students to make it more functional and accessible. The game room will also feature a half wall that will be set against the future booths of Rifkin Café. By dividing the space with a half wall, a more modern, open feel is attempted.

In the lounge, the stage will be removed and in its place will be a counter complete with movable chairs.

Nominees for 2012-2012 SG President

As the end of the school year approaches, it’s once again time to pick SG president for next year. So far the nominees include: junior nursing major, Sam Schuler; sophomore mathematics education major, Amber Konopka; and junior pharmacy major, Kris Rivers.

Nominees who declined included junior accounting and business administration major, John Sweeny; sophomore political science major, Ian Foley; sophomore pharmacy major, Julie Miller. Further nominations will be announced at the next SG meeting, followed by campus voting and election.

Psi Chi’s game show allows students to talk about Wilkes

After their own department denied them the funds to host their annual fundraiser, The National Honor Society of Psychology, Psi Chi, came to SG last week to request $357.25 for a Family Feud event. Senior psychology major Nick Zinskie presented on behalf of Psi Chi and explained that while this is the only fundraiser utilized by Psi Chi, their mock version of Family Feud gives students a chance to “receive great prizes for participation in a campus wide event that brings all students together to talk about Wilkes.”

After Zinskie’s presentation was complete, SG deliberated on the matter and ultimately agreed with Zinskie. Psi Chi was granted the full $357.25.

In preparation for the event, members of Psi Chi first conduct a series of surveys across campus and use the generated answers to create their own version of this classic game show. After the top answers according to the surveys are recorded, Psi Chi must then await interest to spark at sign-ups.

This year, interested students can register at the table marked “Psi Chi” in the SUB on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m with a participation fee of $2.

Psi Chi’s Family Feud will take place on Tuesday, April 17 from 6 to 9 p.m. in the SUB Ballroom. Refreshments and prizes will be provided.